Fully address security risks associated with application-to-application password management

In today’s highly connected IT environments, business applications, processes and scripts often require frequent, automated access to systems, databases and other applications. And, before these applications, processes and scripts may access any connected systems, they must first authenticate using some type of credential. Typically, these credentials are embedded in clear text, hard-coded in the software or stored in plain-text on local machines. This exposes application credentials to a wide audience, which leaves organizations with little ability to protect, audit and manage application access and puts business continuity at risk.

CyberArk solutions enable organizations to remove embedded and locally stored credentials from applications and scripts, and allows these highly-sensitive passwords and SSH keys to be centrally secured, managed and audited within CyberArk’s secure Digital Vault. CyberArk’s solution for application credential security and management enables organizations to minimize the risk of stolen application credentials, ensure business continuity on critical systems, and comply with internal and regulatory compliance requirements.

Key Benefits:

  • Unique solution that eliminates embedded application passwords and SSH keys to strengthen application credential security and address compliance requirements
  • Enables organizations to secure application credentials and proactively rotate them without requiring any downtime
  • Ensure business continuity of business systems and applications
  • Enhance enterprise and application security allowing access only to trusted applications


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