Securely store confidential files in an access controlled environment

Internal users, customers, partners and business systems share information every day throughout the course of doing business. While this information sharing facilitates collaboration and productivity, it can also present challenges when the data exchanged is highly sensitive or regulated. Without the proper file security controls, unauthorized parties can easily gain access to confidential documents containing financial data, health information, intellectual property or other types of sensitive information.

CyberArk enables organizations to secure sensitive information in an access controlled Digital Vault and facilitates the secure sharing of files between authorized users and systems. With CyberArk’s file security solution, organizations can safely share sensitive data with authorized internal or external users, maintain control over who may access what, and gain a full audit trail of file access history. As a result, organizations can confidently facilitate collaboration and keep users productive without compromising the security of sensitive data or risking audit fines.

Key Benefits:

  • Multiple layers of security, including encryption of data in transit and at rest, protect files at all times
  • Granular access controls allow users to easily share content with internal or external parties without introducing the risk of unauthorized access
  • Tamper-proof audit logs provide a full history of who accessed what and can be provided to auditors to demonstrate compliance
  • The intuitive web interface, e-mail plug-in and mobile application provide users with anytime, anywhere access to sensitive files
  • Ease-of-integration with existing enterprise infrastructure and legacy systems reduces the operational costs of secure file sharing between automated applications
  • Enterprise-level scalability and reliability meets the needs of growing organizations including high availability and disaster recovery