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Scan Your Network With CyberArk DNA™

  • Discover privileged accounts and credentials, on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Gain visibility into the privileged account attack surface.

Take the first step toward securing your privileged account environment. Run the CyberArk Discovery & Audit™ (DNA) scan today.

Scan your network with CyberArk DNA™ to:

  • Discover privileged accounts on-premises and in the cloud
  • Assess privileged account security risks
  • Identify accounts with local administrator rights
  • Identify machines vulnerable to credential theft attacks

CyberArk DNA™ answers questions such as:

  • On which systems do privileged accounts exist?
  • Which accounts have escalated privileges?
  • Which machines contain SSH keys, and what trust relationships exist between systems?
  • Which machines on the network are vulnerable to credential theft attacks, including credential harvesting, Pass-the-Hash, Overpass-the-Hash and Golden Ticket?
  • Where are embedded and hard-coded credentials stored within applications?
  • Who are my most privileged AWS IAM users and what AWS credentials exist?
  • Which privileged accounts are not in compliance with company policy? (i.e. password has not been changed in more than 90 days)

CyberArk DNA™ Statistics:

  • In 2016, CyberArk DNA™ scanned over 15 million machines.
  • On average, an organization has 3X to 4X more privileged accounts than employees.
  • 88% of the networks scanned were found to be significantly susceptible to compromise through privileged account credential theft or abuse.
  • The solution performs in read-only mode and does not write to the scanned machines.
  • The CyberArk DNA™ scan consumes low network bandwidth and uses insignificant network and CPU resources.

“Without CyberArk, we would have continued on without any idea of how vulnerable we actually were to an attack.”

- Director of Security at Canadian Institutional Fund Manager

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