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CyberArk is the trusted leader in Privileged Access Security, with more than half of the Fortune 100 companies relying on our solutions to protect their most critical and high-value assets


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Attackers spend an average of 99 days inside your systems undetected.


Unsecured privileged accounts and credentials giving them access to your highest value assets and data.

With the most complete solution in the industry, only CyberArk protects your enterprise from the ever-expanding attack surface by locking down privileged access: on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments.

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Embracing DevOps: What Security Teams Need to Know

We’ve all read about credentials exposed via GitHub and other repositories. It’s clear organizations have security blind spots in DevOps that need to be addressed. Developers want velocity and too often see security as “getting in the way.” We recently held a webinar, featuring special guest speaker Forrester Senior Analyst Chris Condo, to explore the […]

Puppet’s ‘2018 State of DevOps Report’ Highlights Increasing Importance of Security as DevOps Evolves

If you are interested in understanding more about how DevOps evolves inside organizations and how security aligns with the evolution of DevOps maturity, Puppet’s 2018 State of DevOps Report offers some powerful insights. The report draws on survey results over multiple years from some 30,000 technical professionals across the globe, as well as insights from […]

Ten Steps for Securing Privileged Access

In today’s digital world, privileged accounts, credentials and secrets are everywhere—on-premises, in the cloud, on endpoints and across DevOps environments. Security breaches of sensitive data ranging from customer records to intellectual property frequently involve the use of stolen privileged credentials. Our recently launched “Privileged Access Security for Dummies” eBook educates organizations on how to tighten […]

CyberArk Labs Research: Securing Jenkins Java Web Start Agents

Jenkins: Distributed Builds Jenkins is an open source automation server used to accelerate the software delivery process and is considered the leading CI/CD tool for automating projects. With thousands of plugins to choose from, Jenkins helps DevOps teams build agile software delivery pipelines that would otherwise be time-consuming and laborious to construct and maintain. Out-of-the-box […]

Loki Number Seven – Loki Malware Keeps Stealing Your Credentials

Loki has been active for a few years now, and was recently seen by Kaspersky in a new spam campaign targeting corporate mailboxes. We found this interesting since it illustrates that attackers are always interested in your personal data, and especially in your credentials and passwords. Loki is still alive and kicking years after its […]

Configuring and Securing Credentials in Jenkins

Enterprise DevOps teams today have the ability to deliver high-quality products and services to market faster and more efficiently than ever before. That’s in part made possible through the use of DevOps methodologies and tools, such as Jenkins. Like other tools, Jenkins needs to interface with a myriad of systems and applications throughout DevOps environments. […]

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