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CyberArk is the trusted leader in Privileged Account Security, with more than half of the Fortune 100 companies relying on our solutions to protect their most critical and high-value assets


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Attackers spend an average of 99 days inside your systems undetected.


Unsecured privileged accounts giving them access to your highest value assets and data.

With the most complete solution in the industry, only CyberArk protects your enterprise from the ever-expanding attack surface by locking down your privilege accounts wherever they live: on-premise, in the cloud or in hybrid environments.

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AWS re:Invent Delivered Lots of Excitement and News, Yet Security Awareness Lags for Some

Last week, I joined about 40,000 people at the AWS re:Invent. While clearly AWS- focused, the conference has become the leading cloud, and maybe even the leading infrastructure, event. With information on cloud and DevOps in sessions and on the show floor, it was great to be there. There was also the bonus of having […]

Preventing Attacks Launched Deep within the Network

Attacks that exploit Kerberos, a Windows authentication protocol, have been behind some of the biggest breaches in recent history. These attacks are troublesome for many different reasons, including a complete and total loss of control over the domain controller. Threat actors have uncovered a number of different vulnerabilities that exist within the Kerberos protocol, and […]

Decoding DevOps Security: Insights for CISOs and Security Leaders

To increase the speed of delivering new software features and value to even the most “traditional” enterprise businesses, such as banking, utilities and staid government organizations, developers are shifting to a DevOps mode. Meanwhile, security teams scramble to secure and manage the plethora of new tools and technologies used to deliver on that promise. The […]

Golden SAML: Newly Discovered Attack Technique Forges Authentication to Cloud Apps

In this blog post, we introduce a new attack vector discovered by CyberArk Labs and dubbed “golden SAML.” The vector enables an attacker to create a golden SAML, which is basically a forged SAML “authentication object,” and authenticate across every service that uses SAML 2.0 protocol as an SSO mechanism. In a golden SAML attack, […]

KDSnap WinDbg Plugin – Manage Snapshots within the Debugger

WinDbg is a multi-purpose debugger for the Microsoft Windows computer operating system, distributed by Microsoft. It can be used to debug user mode applications, device drivers, and the operating system itself in kernel mode (Wikipedia). WinDbg is typically used by Windows driver developers for debugging kernel-mode code. It is also capable of debugging the memory […]

BoundHook: Exception Based, Kernel-Controlled UserMode Hooking

In this article, we’ll present a new hooking technique that we have found during our research work. Hooking techniques give you control over the way an operating system or a piece of software behaves. Some of the software that utilizes hooks include: application security solutions, system utilities, tools for programming (e.g. interception, debugging, extending software, […]


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