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CyberArk Workforce Password Management is an enterprise-focused password manager providing a user-friendly solution to store business application credentials in a centralized vault and securely share them with other users in the organization. Workforce Password Management allows you to use CyberArk Identity Cloud or CyberArk Self-Hosted Vault for secure storage of password-based credentials and notes, protect credentials Multi-Factor Authentication, and control how credentials are accessed and shared.

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Store Credentials in the Cloud or On-Premises Vault*: Enjoy the flexibility of deciding how accounts and credentials are stored, managed, and retrieved.

Enforce Multi-Factor Authentication: Protect your credentials with a comprehensive range of user-friendly authentication methods

Control How Credentials Are Managed and Shared: Decide which end-users can view, edit or share credentials and specify the duration of shared access.

Reduce Friction and Risk: Simplify how users access business apps and streamline how complex passwords are generated and stored.

*Storing credentials in the self-hosted vault requires CyberArk Privileged Access Manager service.

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