Investronaut Boosts CSAT Score by Placing Security at the Heart of their Operations

Pune-based full-stack digital marketing agency commits to a security-first approach with CyberArk to ensure secure and seamless digital transformation for its customers.


Investronaut, one of India’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies, partnered with CyberArk to improve operational efficiencies and secure its business and customers. Using CyberArk’s Single Sign-on (SSO), Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Workforce Password Management (WPM) capabilities of the CyberArk Identity Security Platform, enabled Investronaut to secure its digital transformation in the face of a rapidly evolving threat landscape.

Company profile

Investronaut is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Pune, India. They offer various digital marketing services to help businesses grow and transform. Investronaut is also an incubator, accelerator, and business advisory consultant that provides services to startups and early growth companies at different stages in their lifecycle.


For an organization focused on maximizing its client’s brand through digital marketing strategies, security is paramount. The team at Investronaut understood this well and their shared vision paved the road for this partnership with CyberArk to address their top priority: securing access to business applications fueling their digital strategies.

“As we grow in deal size and prestige, protecting the trust of our customers through a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy adds value to our clients. Considering that credentials authenticate and authorize the access and privileges to any application and environment, centering our strategy in identity security helps us defend against attacks and provide a seamless user access experience – boosting productivity and customer satisfaction.,” said Kaustubh Ghule, the company’s Head of Operations, who played a key role in driving CyberArk’s adoption.

For instance, Joomla, a popular content management platform, had to be integrated with multiple digital channels for Investronaut to deliver a seamless content experience to its customers. It was a business-critical app and any unauthorized changes to it could lead to potentially disruptive consequences for several customers at once.

With CyberArk Identity Security Platform that’s built with capabilities, such as workforce password management, adaptive multi-factor authentication and single sign-on, Investronaut succeeded in securing Joomla’s credentials in secure vaults, thereby reducing their overall attack surface and boosting workforce efficiency.


As a marketing agency, Investronaut’s success relied heavily on third-party collaborations which exposed the company to a plethora of external threats. CyberArk’s platform helped strengthen its security posture by securing access for external uses while providing the tools needed to boost workforce efficiency. Here’s how:

1. Securing third-party access: Investronaut works with a host of third-party agencies, partners and vendors to improve their customer’s digital presence who need access to their internal apps and infrastructure. With CyberArk’s integrated identity security approach centered on intelligent privilege controls, Investronaut could seamlessly grant access to external contributors without compromising the security of their most valuable assets.

2. Boosting operational efficiency: Before implementing CyberArk solutions, Investronaut employees stored customer passwords and important URLs on simple Excel sheets – a place prone to credential theft. CyberArk Workforce Password Management helped overcome credential vulnerability and made it easier for employees and external contributors to seamlessly navigate through apps and portals without needing to remember multiple credentials, reuse passwords or pull up exhaustive spreadsheets.

To cater to these security needs, the following capabilities of CyberArk’s Identity Security Platform were leveraged:

  • Single sign-on to enterprise applications: With one-click secure access to all enterprise applications, employees and third-party vendors no longer had to memorize complex passwords to do their job. This resulted in improved workforce efficiency and a better brand experience for all collaborators across the board.
  • Adaptive multi-factor authentication: With an AI-fueled user-behavior analytics engine, to discern typical user logins from potential attacks, Investronaut deployed a threat-resistant user access framework that offers enhanced protection without affecting user experience.
  • Workforce password management: This helped secure user credentials of their most critical assets in CyberArk Secure Vault with seven layers of built-in security and policies around how they can be accessed, shared, or retrieved.

Investronaut was able to achieve rapid time-to-value by licensing the capabilities of the CyberArk platform via the AWS Marketplace. By using the AWS Marketplace, Investronaut was able to streamline its procurement experience, launch the solution faster, and manage its licensing in a central location. Adding CyberArk to Investronaut’s AWS portfolio enables the organization to leverage the full extent of AWS capabilities with a security first mindset.


With the successful deployment of CyberArk solutions, Investronaut was able to secure its ongoing digital marketing operations and enable a seamless experience to access business applications. This resulted in a 15% increase in Investronaut’s customer satisfaction score (CSAT) besides bringing about a positive shift in the brand’s outlook as a forward-thinking, security-first marketing agency.

« The CyberArk deployment brings us a company-wide sense of reliability and comfort. The adoption process across our platforms, assets, and the way their workforce password management, adaptive multi-factor authentication and single-sign on integrates into business operations – it left the team with a collective feeling of amazement, »
– Richa Punjabi, Senior Manager – Client Servicing at Investronaut

Key benefits

  • Greater operational efficiency: Investronaut’s employees and third-party contributors enjoy a seamless and secured experience to access business applications.
  • Better customer satisfaction: From being a digital marketing agency to becoming a security-first organization, Investronaut’s adoption of CyberArk brought much delight to their customers.

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