juin 7, 2023

EP 29 – Synthetic Identity: Unmasking a New AI-Fueled Cyber Threat

Scattered across the internet are jigsaw puzzle pieces containing your personal information. If reassembled by an attacker, these puzzle pieces could easily compromise your identity. Our returning guest today is Len Noe, CyberArk’s resident transhuman (a.k.a. cyborg), whose official titles these days are Technical Evangelist, White Hat Hacker and Biohacker. Noe joins host David Puner to shed light on the concept of synthetic identity, which involves gathering publicly available, unprotected data and then using AI chatbots and platforms like ChatGPT along with predictive analytics to correlate the data and generate deep digital portraits of individuals. Then, thinking like an attacker, Noe dives into how this new digital clairvoyance has the potential to up threat actors’ games and what organizations and individuals should be doing to combat it. Noe also shares his POV on the implications for cybersecurity and his concerns about sharing personal and proprietary information with AI chatbots and platforms.