Protect sensitive files from unauthorized access

Sensitive information, including financial data, personally identifiable employee information, intellectual property secrets, or government secrets, exists in files across the organization. Without the proper protections in place these files can easily be accessed by unauthorized users, potentially resulting in material damage to the business, reputational damage or audit fines. To prevent unauthorized access to sensitive files, organizations should proactively secure and control access to all files containing sensitive or regulated data.

CyberArk solutions provide sensitive file protection, storing files in a centralized, highly secure repository, complete with granular access controls and detailed audit capabilities. Flexible policies can restrict who may see, edit or access what files in accordance with organizational or regulatory requirements, and reporting capabilities enable organizations to document compliance with those requirements. Built on the Digital Vault infrastructure, files are secured by seven layers of security to ensure the greatest levels of file protection and ensure that only authorized users or systems are able to access sensitive, protected information.

Key Benefits:

  • Multiple layers of security, including encryption and segregation of duties, ensure that files are protected from unauthorized access
  • Granular access controls allow administrators to determine who may view, edit or access what files, reducing the risk of unauthorized file sharing
  • Easy-to-use desktop, web and mobile interfaces ensure users are always able to access authorized files, keeping them productive without compromising security
  • Tamper-proof audit logs provide a full history of who accessed what and can be provided to auditors to demonstrate compliance
  • Built-in automation engine enables organizations to secure the automated transfer of sensitive files between applications and systems
  • Enterprise-level scalability and reliability, including high availability and disaster recovery, meets the needs of organizations with large, complex IT environments
  • Out-of-the-box integration with strong authentication solutions enables organizations to validate user identities before gaining access to sensitive files