CyberArk identity security solutions for critical infrastructure

The foundation to zero trust and secure access starts with identity.

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Fortify the foundation of essential services

Secure the identity of every user, both human and machine, across global economic and physical systems that support essential utilities and public services. As the global leader in identity security, CyberArk offers unparalleled protection, so you can stay resilient.

Reduce risks

Adopt an assume-breach mindset and take a risk-based approach to securing the systems that uphold public institutions and services.

Contain attacks

Prevent attacks from progressing through a layered identity security strategy, centered on privileged controls across your workforce and third-party vendors.

Satisfy audit and compliance

Deliver on extensive compliance requirements for a wide range of regulations, frameworks and standards including NIST, GDPR, and Essential Eight standards.

Implement a layered Identity Security strategy

Strengthen your security posture and reduce exposure to dynamic threats. Learn more about our solutions to see how CyberArk can help manage and secure every identity for key critical infrastructure sectors.

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User Behavior Analytics

Privileged Access Management

Apply least privilege security controls. Protect privileged access across all identities, infrastructure, and apps, from the endpoint to the cloud.

Stop Attackers in Their Tracks


Secrets Management

Simplify securing non-human identities for all applications, DevOps pipelines and cloud workloads.

Centrally Manage Secrets

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Cloud Security

Implement least privilege and just-in-time access with context-aware recommendations. Analyze, secure and monitor risky access in AWS, Azure and GCP.

Secure Web Sessions

Identity Management

Empower your workforce with simple and secure access to business resources with CyberArk Workforce Identity.

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Shared Services

Enable operational efficiencies, leveraging a single admin portal with unified audit and Identity Security Intelligence.

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Critical infrastructure customer stories

More than 8,000 organizations around the world trust CyberArk.

«We decided to secure privileged identities and their remote access with a single platform because of the cost of multiple solutions and deployment complexity, it made more sense to consolidate and find synergies from a single vendor.»

Lukene Berrosteguieta, Head of security operations center Repsol


«If we can control identity, we can stop most modern attacks. And if you control identity, then you control every perimeter, application, container – effectively every part of the environment. That is what I call true Zero Trust and that is why we use CyberArk. This is what helps me sleep at night.»

Brian Miller, CISO, Healthfirst

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«I have deployed CyberArk in companies as small as 150 users, all the way up to Quanta with 16,000 endpoints and numerous individual accounts. In every case, my approach has been identical. And I again was pleased that I did not have to pivot my strategy; the rollout with CyberArk works, no matter the size of the company.»

Richard Breaux Senior Manager, IT Security Quanta Services