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Por qué CyberArk

CyberArk es el líder de referencia en Seguridad de Cuentas Privilegiadas. Más de la mitad de las empresas clasificadas en el Fortune 100 confían en nuestras soluciones para proteger sus activos fundamentales y de mayor valor.

Piense como un pirata informático

Los atacantes pasan una media de 99 días dentro de nuestros sistemas sin ser detectados.


Llegar a las cuentas privilegiadas que carecen de seguridad y que les garantizan el acceso a sus datos y sus activos de mayor valor.

CyberArk cuenta con la solución más completa del sector, por lo que somos los únicos capaces de proteger su empresa de los ataques en aumento. Aseguramos sus cuentas privilegiadas cualquiera que sea su entorno: servidores locales del cliente, en nube o en entornos híbridos.

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BoundHook: Exception Based, Kernel-Controlled UserMode Hooking

In this article, we’ll present a new hooking technique that we have found during our research work. Hooking techniques give you control over the way an operating system or a piece of software behaves. Some of the software that utilizes hooks include: application security solutions, system utilities, tools for programming (e.g. interception, debugging, extending software, […]

Illusion Gap – Antivirus Bypass Part 1

Introduction During our research, CyberArk Labs encountered a strange behavior in the file scanning process of Windows Defender. This problem may possibly exist in other anti-viruses, which we have not yet tested. This behavior led us to investigate the Antivirus scanning process over SMB shares and the outcome is a surprising cause for concern. Now […]

Implementing Malware Command and Control Using Major CDNs and High-Traffic Domains

In this blog post, we will present a new technique for domain fronting, which enables attackers to abuse Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to mask malware command and control (C2) traffic. This research demonstrates a new technique for hiding a C2 channel completely within a CDN. While many CDNs are potentially impacted, Akamai is one of […]


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01/11/2017 - 02/11/2017

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