With the escalation in security breaches, ransomware attacks and network takeovers, – an average of $3.62 million  spent per breach according to Ponemon Institute – cybersecurity has enterprise-wide impact and lasting implications on today’s businesses.

Cyber security investment continues to increase. So does the need for CyberArk Program X certified professionals:

  • 25% of cybersecurity positions go unfilled for 6 months
  • 70% – Organizations that say the cyber security skills gap has impacted business
    (Information Systems Security Association & Enterprise Strategy Group)
  • 8 million – shortage of cybersecurity professionals by 2022

Developing knowledge about the threat landscape, real-world solutions, and approaches to addressing risk is vital – from the boardroom to the data center. At the same time, validating knowledge and skillsets with practical education and hands-on experience is essential for security and IT professionals tasked with meeting cyber security challenges.

CyberArk Program X provides security-conscious professionals and IT specialists with the education, training and skills validation needed to keep up with today’s threat environment.

In addition to providing practical exposure to the latest market trends, security frameworks, and proven technologies, CyberArk Program X gives you the confidence to adopt CyberArk’s innovative and industry-leading Privileged Access Security solution.

Earning CyberArk Program X certification enables you to:

  • Demonstrate your security expertise and position yourself as a valuable asset to today’s security-challenged organizations
  • Establish yourself as a professional on the leading edge of one of today’s greatest business challenges – securing and protecting high-value information assets, infrastructure and applications
  • Build your knowledge of, and skillset in, the industry’s leading privileged account security solution
  • Validate your proficiency to secure against harmful and costly cyberattacks
  • Affirm your ability to implement in-demand, innovative cyber threat solutions to the global organizations deploying CyberArk Privileged Access Security technology

CyberArk Program X offers four levels of certification designed to provide escalating levels of immersion and proficiency:

Level 1

Exposes participants to the threat landscape, technologies to address risk, and approaches to protect and secure organizations.

Level 2

Provides the practical knowledge and technical skills to maintain day-to-day operations and support on-going performance of the CyberArk Privileged Access Security solution.

Level 3

Enables on-going success with the CyberArk Privileged Security solution by providing the depth of knowledge and technical skills to apply Privileged Access Security strategy.

Level 4

By invitation-only, Level 4 certification provides select participants with the additional skills and knowledge needed to combine organizational architecture with Privileged Access Security strategy.