It's an attacker who has stolen her credentials.
Secure your most privileged users and valuable
assets with intelligent privilege controls from CyberArk.
Learn HowThis isn't Melissa,
your IT admin.
Secure machine identities and secrets with
intelligent privilege controls from CyberArk.
Learn HowDon’t let cloud
into a brewing storm.
Secure workforce and customer access with
intelligent privilege controls from CyberArk.
Learn How

One compromised
can topple
layers of security.

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The future of
security is
identity and
with CyberArk,
the future of
identity is

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The only Leader in both Gartner® Magic Quadrant reports for PAM and Access Management

See why only CyberArk is named a Leader in both categories.

Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Management

Magic Quadrant for Access

Secure identities.
Shut out attackers.

Seamlessly secure identities throughout the cycle of accessing any resource across any infrastructure, including hybrid, SaaS and multi-cloud. The CyberArk identity security platform is the first line of defense against malicious actors and unauthorized access to protect what matters most.

Seamless & secure access for all identities

By combining secure SSO, Adaptive MFA, Lifecycle Management, Directory Services and User Behavior Analytics, we help you streamline operations and give users simple and secure access to resources—on-premises, cloud, hybrid—from any location, using any device.

Intelligent privilege controls

Apply world-class intelligent privilege controls across the IT estate, as well as differentiated controls to secure the unique needs of workforce users, third-party vendors, endpoints and machine identities as they access sensitive data.

Flexible identity automation & orchestration

Streamline HR processes, ensure users have the right access to the right resources, enable compliance with industry or government regulations, and improve efficiencies across the board with orchestration and lifecycle management, permissions and entitlements, and directory and federation services.

Apply intelligent privilege controls across the entire identity lifecycle

Expand intelligent privilege controls that were designed for the most privileged user, such as an admin, to a broader range of human and machine identities, whenever standing or just-in-time access is required.

Threat research and innovation: CyberArk Labs

A team of researchers dedicated to examining emerging attack techniques so that organizations everywhere can strengthen their security posture.

Securing billions of identities around the world

More than 8,000 organizations around the world trust CyberArk to secure their most valuable assets and move their organizations fearlessly forward.

The largest identity security partner network

With more than 200 alliance partners and 300 out-of-the-box integrations, our partner network is ready to help you unlock the power of CyberArk across your enterprise.

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