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Perché CyberArk

CyberArk è leader riconosciuto in ambito Privileged Account Security, con oltre metà delle società Fortune 100 che fanno affidamento sulle nostre soluzioni per proteggere gli asset più strategici e preziosi

Pensa come un hacker

Gli hacker trascorrono in media 99 giorni all’interno dei sistemi senza essere scoperti.

– Il loro obiettivo –

sono gli account privilegiati non protetti, grazie ai quali possono accedere agli asset e ai dati più preziosi.

Con la soluzione più competa del settore, solo CyberArk è in grado di proteggere l’azienda dalla superficie di attacco in continua espansione, bloccando gli account privilegiati ovunque risiedano: in locale, nel cloud o in ambienti ibridi.

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Four SSH Vulnerabilities You Should Not Ignore

The Secure Shell (SSH) protocol was created in 1995 by a researcher from the University of Helsinki after a password-sniffing attack. SSH is the tool of choice for system admins and is used throughout traditional and virtual datacenter environments to enable secure remote access to Unix, Linux and sometimes Windows systems. You can think of […]

PwC and CyberArk: Is Your Continuous DevOps Pipeline Continuously Secure?

Code fast, beat the competition to market and build market share. This is the value of DevOps.  Businesses around the world fuse software development, integration, test and operations practices to accelerate digital transformation and enhance business performance and agility. In fact, research shows that agile firms grow revenue 37 percent faster and generate revenues 30 […]

When It Comes to GDPR, Don’t Wait and See

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect in just three short months. Though it’s been a long time coming, industry reports estimate that more than 50 percent of companies affected by the GDPR will not be in full compliance with its data protection requirements by the May 25 deadline. Many of these organizations […]

Anatomy of the Triton Malware Attack

Schneider Electric SE recently fell victim to a breach of its safety system, which crippled operations at a critical infrastructure facility in the Middle East. It’s the first reported attack on a safety instrumented system (SIS) – and it won’t be the last. Attackers, believed to work for a nation state, used sophisticated malware – […]

AMSI Bypass: Patching Technique

Abstract In this blog post, we introduce a technique that can help attackers run malicious code over Microsoft Windows 10 (Version 1607) using PowerShell (version 5). CyberArk alerted Microsoft to the weakness, and while Microsoft issued a patch in version 1709, organizations that haven’t implemented the fix remain at risk. The technique can be carried […]

Detecting Pass-The-Hash with Windows Event Viewer

Overview In this article, we explain how to detect a Pass-The-Hash (PTH) attack using the Windows event viewer and introduce a new open source tool to aid in this detection. PTH is an attack technique that allows an attacker to start lateral movement in the network over the NTLM protocol, without the need for the […]

Webinar Series: On The Front Lines

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Enhancing Secrets Management in Ansible with CyberArk

06/03/2018 - 09/03/2018

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CyberArk ha dato vita a un ecosistema partner in espansione di fornitori di tecnologie, integratori di soluzioni e partner di canale per aiutare la tua azienda a fronteggiare le sfide di sicurezza più complesse


C3 Alliance Global Technology Partner Program: l’importanza della sicurezza degli account privilegiati per proteggere meglio i clienti dalle cyber-minacce.

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CyberArk ha costruito un’invidiabile community di Partner di canale per aiutare i clienti in tutto il mondo a proteggere e gestire i propri account privilegiati.

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Approfondisci le tue competenze nella sicurezza consultando la nostra raccolta di risorse che include ebook, webinar e video su una vasta gamma di argomenti legati alla sicurezza

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