Udi Mokady

“The hiring philosophy at CyberArk has always been focused on finding the best and brightest individuals who fit into and embody the CyberArk culture.​ In doing so, we have created a company that is passionate about innovating and working together to serve our customers.​ Our employees are one of our most important assets, and we are proud to have created a workplace that inspires and empowers them to excel.”

Founder and Executive Chairman | Board of Directors, Management Team

Udi Mokadi, Founder, Chairman & CEO of CyberArk

Our core values

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Trusted experts

Demonstrate thorough expertise and knowledge within your specific field. Make proactive and continuous efforts to remain current in the latest product, industry or professional trends. Take action needed to win and sustain the customer’s confidence.

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Engage respectfully with others, maintaining good working relationships. Act as a team player and show willingness to assist colleagues, thereby contributing to achievement of team goals.

Strategic Consulting

Continuous improvement

Demonstrate openness to constructive criticism and strive for continuous personal improvement. Perceive change as an opportunity and translate that approach into actions. Constantly seek ways to improve work processes.

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Customer first

Understand, anticipate and respond to the needs of customers. Provide high quality outputs focused on the customer’s desired results. Exhibit strategic thinking for leveraging customer potential and customer success.

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Re-imagine and accelerate new ideas, transforming concepts into market-leading solutions. Seek diverse perspectives and think differently to solve complex challenges, while maintaining a security-first mindset.

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Driven to win

Apply determination and energy, going above and beyond, to achieve the desired result. Demonstrate full accountability to complete day-to-day tasks as well as solve complex challenges that power the company’s success.

Supporting Charitable Organizations

Smart, Bold but humble

Strive to provide the best solutions for solving problems, based on deep knowledge, experience, logic, intuition and good intentions. Always maintain a modest and respectful approach.

Sustainable Office Solutions

What’s best for CyberArk

Display open-mindedness and tolerance for others and other’s opinions. Conduct yourself according to the company’s best interests with appreciation for the broader picture.


Career development & personal growth

We offer various customized training programs – for managerial, professional and personal growth paths.

These training programs include:

  • Grants for professional development courses
  • Access to a wide catalog of online professional resources (Linkedin learning)
  • Compliance, interview and management skills trainings
  • Public speaking, content creation and storytelling skills development
  • Online coaching program for selected employees
  • Specialization programs (Cloud Guru, Security Champions, etc.)

Community social responsibility

We’re proud of our employees’ dedication to giving back to their communities, and we help them do so. We sponsor employee-run fund-raising, community and environmental activities, volunteer events and we match donations on a regular basis.

We’re happy to support a wide selection of topics that interest our employees. As our teams continue to grow, we’re honored to help them support the personal initiatives that motivate and inspire them, and we’re here to help leave a mark on the world.


The best version of you

„We are committed to empowering and supporting our employees to be the best version of themselves. This can only be achieved by promoting an inclusive culture that meets the needs of our diverse communities.“

Ruth Shaked, Chief Human Resources Officer

Ruth Shaked, Chief Human Resource Officer


As part of the CyberArk team, we see you as a whole, and we care about what you bring to the table – whether it’s your skills or your concerns.

We support your needs in whichever way we can, so you can move forward in your career with the peace of mind and the confidence to make an impact on the world of cybersecurity.

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Emotional wellbeing

You may need support in times of major changes, important life events or unexpected crises. We understand that and offer multiple, flexible ways to accommodate your needs.
Depending on your location, those services may include:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a 24/7 hotline providing services such as:
    • Confidential counseling
    • Financial planning and information
    • Legal support and resources
    • Work-life balance solutions
    • Mindfulness areas and workshops
    • Meditation sessions
    • Paid maternity, paternity and dependent care leave

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Financial wellbeing

We understand that your financial concerns can generate stress. Accordingly, we help our employees make informed financial decisions, and we support their long-term financial goals.
We offer:

  • Health insurance
  • Pension, retirement, life insurance and disability benefits
  • One-off stipend to set up your home office environment
  • Paid time off
  • Financial planning services

We also offer equity programs to eligible CyberArk employees, enabling you to participate in CyberArk’s success.


From our New Hire welcome kits to our care packages, nothing stops us from giving you great perks for being the best version of yourself! We have a strong culture of recognition, and we love celebrating seasonal events and critical milestones. Additionally, we also like spicing things up and have lots of social activities, including our special CyberStars ceremonies. We love to have fun and want to celebrate you whenever we can!
Our caring doesn’t stop there – we also offer multiple financial benefits and aids to support you in your daily life, your long-term goals, and at times of crises.

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Physical wellbeing

Physical health is critical to keeping up with a fast-paced environment. To help you stay active and alleviate stress, our various offices offer on premises workout facilities, fitness classes, sports teams and interest groups. In the office, you can find healthy snack options, ergonomic work stations, annual check ups and illness prevention programs, wellness treatments, and more.

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