Enforce least privilege access controls

Uncontrolled access to super-user and administrator accounts leads to unnecessary privileges and is one of the biggest challenges organizations face today. Compliance regulations often require organizations to implement least privilege access policies on privileged accounts to prevent intentional or accidental damage on critical systems. In order to be effective, these solutions must provide centralized management, and secure controls without inhibiting end-user productivity.

CyberArk solutions help organizations enforce least privilege access controls with a solution that balances security and compliance requirements with operational and end-user needs. Available for both Unix/Linux and Windows environments, the solution is designed to deliver control and continuous monitoring of administrative rights on desktops and servers.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce the risk of exposure to abuse or error by limiting super-user and administrator permissions with granular access control
  • Easily set, manage, and enforce least privilege policy with flexible policy definitions
  • Comply with regulations by proving to auditors that administrator privileges are managed, controlled, and secure
  • Enable end-user productivity while ensuring systems are secure by enforcing least privilege access policies in Unix and Windows environments
  • Ease administration with central management and provisioning of Unix accounts that are linked to Active Directory through the CyberArk platform with AD bridge capabilities