App Gateway

Secure remote access to on-premises apps without installing and maintaining VPNs, making code changes, or deploying additional infrastructure.

Application Gateway

A secure gateway to applications

Secure remote access to on-premises apps.

Improve Security

Improve security

Extend SSO, adaptive MFA, and fine-grained access policies to your applications.

Reduce Risk

Reduce risk

Direct connections to on-premise applications without granting full network access.

Improve User Experience

Improve user experience

Users authenticate once and get one-click access to all the apps they need.

All your apps in one secure place

Enable end-users to access on-premises apps alongside modern cloud-based apps.

Adaptive protection

Set up Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication for your internally hosted apps such as SAP, Microsoft SharePoint and Oracle.

Adaptive MFA Protection

Easy deployment

Retire your existing Web Access Management (WAM) solution. Setting up remote access requires no on-prem code changes, additional infrastructure or VPN.

Easy Deployment

Frictionless experience

Users have nothing new to learn. They simply authenticate with single sign-on credentials and access all their assigned on-prem apps.

Single Sign-On Experience

Visibility and reporting

Use built-in reports or define custom queries to gain visibility into user access metrics such as failed logins and monitor app usage.

Built-in Reporting

Say goodbye to VPNS

All you need is a single agent installed on any Windows or domain-joined server behind your firewall.

Application Gateway Eliminates VPNs

Identity security that knows you but doesn’t slow you

Explore all the ways CyberArk gives you peace of mind to move fearlessly forward.


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Deliver a single portal for all your on-premises and cloud-based apps

Eliminate the need for VPNs

Enable adaptive protection driven by AI

Provide a frictionless user experience