Supporto degli obiettivi di sicurezza degli accessi privilegiati dei nostri clienti e Partner.


Sostenere gli obiettivi di sicurezza degli accessi privilegiati dei nostri clienti è un aspetto di fondamentale importanza per CyberArk. Il supporto tecnico di CyberArk è a tua disposizione: contatta direttamente i servizi di supporto o rivolgiti alle nostre community di clienti.


Accedi alla Community tecnica di CyberArk per trovare documentazione tecnica, discutere con i colleghi e inviare una richiesta di assistenza. Di seguito sono indicati altri canali di contatto con il supporto.


Trova informazioni sulle soluzioni CyberArk e sulla formazione certificata nella Community di Partner di CyberArk. Di seguito sono indicati ulteriori canali di contatto con il supporto.


E: [email protected]

T: Americhe: +1-888-808-9005
EMEA: +44-203-7287074
APJ: +65-6460-4254
Israele: +972-3-9180011


Il Supporto tecnico di CyberArk opera con l'obiettivo di semplificare il più possibile l'esperienza di clienti e Partner con la nostra organizzazione. Di seguito sono indicate le opzioni per comunicare con il supporto e ottenere altre informazioni rilevanti. Come sempre, se hai bisogno di aprire una richiesta di assistenza, puoi farlo tramite la nostra Community tecnica oppure telefonicamente a uno dei numeri indicati sopra.


What are CyberArk Support Hours?

  • Asia-Pacific and Japan - Business Day - Any day other than Saturday and Sunday or national holiday in Singapore. Business Hours - 09:00 – 18:00 (SG Time).
  • Israel - Business Day - Any day other than Friday and Saturday or national holiday in the State of Israel. Business Hours – 09:00 – 18:00 (IL Time).
  • Europe, Middle East and Asia - Business Day - Any day other than Saturday and Sunday or national holiday in the UK. Business Hours - 08:00 - 17:00 (UK Time).
  • Americas - Business Day - Any day other than Saturday and Sunday or national holiday in the US. Business Hours - 08:00 - 17:30 (US Eastern Time).

Observed US Holidays?

  • Monday, January 1 New Year’s Day Holiday
  • Monday, January 15 Martin Luther King Day Holiday
  • Monday, February 19 Presidents’ Day Holiday
  • Monday, May 28 Memorial Day Holiday
  • Wednesday, July 4 Independence Day Holiday
  • Monday, September 3 Labor Day Holiday
  • Monday, October 8 Columbus Day Holiday
  • Monday, November 12 Veterans Day Holiday
  • Thurs/Fri, November 22 & 23 Thanksgiving Holiday
  • Monday, December 24 Christmas Eve Holiday
  • Tuesday, December 25 Christmas Day Holiday

What does 24x7 support mean?

  • CyberArk offers our customers the option to purchase 24/7 Support coverage. This entitles the customer to call our after hours Support hotline for Critical or Serious System down issues where no work can be completed in a Production environment.

What happens if my support maintenance expires?

  • If your maintenance contract expires, then all users within your company will lose Technical Community access and no longer be able to directly contact Cyberark Support. All active Support cases will be put on hold until maintenance has been paid. Once maintenance is paid Support assistance will resume.


What is the best platform for contacting CyberArk Support?

  • The Customer Community is constantly monitored with further alerts set up for high priority cases. Furthermore, it provides the best way to document all aspects of each case and thus is the preferable way to contact Support.

    Do not hesitate, however, to contact Support by phone or email if needed. In case of urgency, we encourage you to call the Support hotline. (please see above for contact information)

    At times when call volumes are high, and or after hours, Support will utilize an answering service. This is to ensure our customers will always reach a human rather than a recording. When you reach the answering service they will take down some information and forward the information to our Support team. Support will review the information and prioritize the information per the same Critical, Serious, Moderate, and Minor standards as used for cases opened from the Customer Community and Email.

What kind of information is helpful to provide when opening a case and how can I do it?

  • CyberArks Enterprise Support provides a debug tool known as The CYBRSupportTool

    The CYBRSupportTool is based on PowerShell, and includes a GUI which automates capabilities, such as collecting log files based on specific time frame only. Currently the tool is Generally Available and supports the Vault, PVWA, CPM, PSM, PVWA ,DR, EPM Server, and Credentials Provider for Windows.

    This tool can be found via the Customer Community Solution: 00004217 “How to easily collect logs in CyberArk - CYBR Support Tool”


How to escalate a case?

  • All issues must be escalated through your Technical Account Manager or the Account Executive. In case they are not known to you, please contact Support in order to obtain these details.

How to increase priority of a case?

  • Priority of a case is as agreed in the maintenance contract and once set is not editable from the Customer Community end.

    If the actual impact on production fits the priority currently set in the case, but there is added urgency due to other reasons, please state these reasons in the case and inform your Technical Account Manager or Account Executive.

    If the situation has deteriorated and the current impact on production has changed so that priority must be increased, please state this in the case with details of the change. If the priority needs to be increased to Serious or Critical we recommend calling the Support hotline or opening another case with a higher priority referencing the original.




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