Secure DevOps pipelines and cloud native apps

Eliminate hard-coded secrets and secure DevOps tools, applications, and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.

Secure development environments

Secrets management software that works at DevOps velocity to secure the software supply chain.

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Unsecured app secrets

Application secrets are ripe targets for cyber attackers exposing unrestricted access to sensitive databases and even the organization’s entire cloud environment.

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High levels of privilege

DevOps and automation tools such as Jenkins and Ansible use secrets to access other CI/CD tools, services, container platforms and cloud environments.

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Inconsistent native security

Secret stores and other native tools have limited capabilities. They often don’t support credential rotation and cannot securely share secrets with other tools.

Security that moves at the speed of DevOps

Developers want to deploy code quickly, but this can lead to insecure practices such as embedding credentials and access keys in code. Unfortunately, too often with widespread use of code repositories, these secrets are inadvertently made public.

With the right tools and strategy, security teams can partner with developers to establish agile, secure and productive supply chains and dev environments.

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CISO view: protecting privilege in DevOps

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Securing DevOps pipeline and cloud apps

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Open source credential management

Engage security early in DevOps

See how you can “shift left” to improve security of applications without impacting developer velocity.

A holistic approach to securing DevOps and CI/CD pipelines

Engage developers early with the right tools to improve the security of applications, as well as the organization’s overall security posture.
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Manage application secrets to secure the supply chain

Flexible APIs and Secretless Broker capabilities make it easier for developers to eliminate hard-coded secrets, and centrally secure, manage and rotate credentials.

Protect developer workstations to secure the supply chain

Remove Local Admin rights, assign developer’s endpoints to tiers and enable only the highest tier to edit host files, install tools or use privilege elevation.

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Protect DevOps tools and admin consoles to secure the supply chain

Centrally manage human and script access to DevOps tool management consoles and Command Line Interfaces (CLI) in the CI/CD pipeline including Jenkins and Ansible.

Secure all application secrets

See why enterprises need to prioritize securing application secrets across DevOps pipelines and cloud-native apps, as well as for robotic process automation (RPA) bots and virtual agents, and more.


Discover the benefits of a centralized secrets management approach

Listen as Kurt Sand, our general manager of DevSecOps, shares best practices, tips, real-life examples from customers and the benefits of a centralized approach when it comes to securing your application secrets and improving the efficiency of your application security.


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Secure the software supply chain without slowing down developers

Partner with developers to seamlessly build security into the DevOps pipeline

Remove hard-coded secrets and other credentials

Centrally manage, rotate and audit application and developer credentials