Ransomware protection

Block ransomware with layers of security and foundational best practices.

Proactive ransomware risk management

Follow an identity-centric defense-in-depth approach to mitigate attacks and prevent credential theft and lateral movement.

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Defend against attacks

Prevent revenue loss, downtime and theft of critical data and IP

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Drive operational efficiencies

Automate identity authentication to reduce cost and time

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Enable the digital business

Block credential theft by securing identities

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Satisfy audit and compliance

Remove admin rights on workstations

Block ransomware across the attack lifecycle

Endpoints play a leading but not singular role in providing attackers with the opportunity to gain a foothold. Secure people, processes and technology.

Multi-layered endpoint protection

Prevent attackers from elevating privileges, compromising credentials, moving laterally and executing arbitrary code on endpoints. Learn how CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager (EPM) and Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) together enable organizations to respond to ransomware attacks.

Endpoint Protection

Comprehensive PAM controls

Create isolation layers, remove direct access to Tier 0 systems and eliminate credential exposure through privileged access management (PAM) controls.

PAM Controls

Integrated Multi-factor Authentication (MFA): Strengthen security, reduce friction

Protect access to endpoints with adaptive MFA and enforce the principle of least privilege without complicating IT operations or hindering user productivity.

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure non-human access

Prevent compromise of the application secrets used to access Tier 0 assets and CI/CD pipelines with CyberArk Secrets Manager.


Resilience and recovery engagements

Test existing controls and identify gaps and vulnerabilities through Red Team Services. Accelerate data breach recovery and restore business-critical services quickly and efficiently through Remediation Services.

Proactive and Reactive Engagements

Proactively secure your business against ransomware

Prevent ransomware file encryption 100% by removing admin rights and implementing application control.

Exposed Ransomeware

Ransomware research and recommendations from CyberArk Labs

CyberArk Labs actively analyzes new ransomware samples daily. In this paper, the team shares an examination of ransomware families, commonalities, the path to encryption and mitigation strategies.

Endpoint security review

There are five essential elements of a defense-in-depth approach to ransomware protection. A multi-layered endpoint security plan can help you shore up vulnerabilities, improve your security posture and mitigate risk.

Revisit the Endpoint


Accelerate ransomware protection

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Block credential theft and lateral movement (EPM)

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Remove admin rights on endpoints (EPM)

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Implement adaptive multifactor authentication (Workforce Identity)