Privileged Access

Breaches Are Inevitable. Damage Is Not.

Enforce least privilege

Apply least privilege security controls. Protect privileged access across all identities, infrastructure and apps, from the endpoint to the cloud.

아이덴티티 아이콘

Defend against attacks

Protect against the leading cause of breaches — compromised identities and credentials.

시간 보안 아이콘

Enable the digital business

Deliver digital experiences that balance security and a frictionless experience.

위험 감소 아이콘

Satisfy audit and compliance

A unified solution to address identity-oriented audit and compliance requirements.

Stop attackers in their tracks

CyberArk Privileged Access Management solutions address a wide range of use cases to secure privileged credentials and secrets wherever they exist: on-premises, in the cloud, and anywhere in between.

Privileged Access Manager

Privileged Access Manager

Continuously discover and manage privileged accounts and credentials, isolate and monitor privileged sessions and remediate risky activities across environments.

Endpoint Privilege Manager

Enforce least privilege, control applications and prevent credential theft on Windows and Mac desktops and Windows servers to contain attacks.

Endpoint Privilege Manager

Vendor Privilege Access Manager

Vendor Privileged Access Manager

Enable secure remote vendor access to the most sensitive IT assets managed by CyberArk, without the need for VPNs, agents or passwords.

Cloud Entitlements Manager

Improve visibility through continuous, AI-powered detection and remediation of hidden, misconfigured and unused permissions across cloud environments.

Cloud Entitlements Manager

Secure from all angles

Here’s just a few more ways we can help you move fearlessly forward in a digital world.

운영 효율성 향상

Drive operational efficiencies

Reduce complexity and burden on IT while improving protection of the business.

디지털 비즈니스 활성화

Secure your distributed workforce

Enable users access across any device, anywhere at just the right time.

랜섬웨어 차단 아이콘

Stop ransomware

Prevent lateral movement with 100% success against more than 3 million forms of ransomware.

보안 DevOps 클라우드 아이콘

Secure DevOps and cloud

Secure access for machine identities within the DevOps pipeline.


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