Strengthen your security posture and reduce exposure to dynamic threats with a layered security strategy featuring privilege at its core.

Assume breach

Adjust your risk position with an ‘assume-breach’ mindset – focus attention on endpoint protection to secure access to Tier0 systems.

Reduce Risks

Reduce risks

“Think like an attacker” and take a risk-based approach to securing all layers of access.

Eliminate Gaps

Eliminate gaps

Combine prevention controls and detection methods to eliminate existing gaps.

Contain Attacks

Contain attacks

Prevent attacks from progressing through layered Identity Security solutions.

Defense-in-depth strategy

Implement a defense-in-depth strategy with layered security and an assume breach approach to reduce vulnerabilities, contain threats, and mitigate risk.

Protect privileged access

One of the largest attack surfaces challenging businesses involves compromised privileged accounts and credentials. Prevent privilege misuse by identifying and managing your privileged access.

Lock down critical endpoints

Lock down Tier0 assets by implementing endpoint protection with privilege escalation and credential theft policies to prevent attackers from gaining administrative access to your environments.

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

Enable adaptive MFA

Secure access with adaptive MFA and leverage user-specific contextual attributes such as location, device and network information by assigning risk to each user login attempt and creating dynamic access policies.

Secure developer tools

Development environments are complex and too often feature areas where credentials can be inadvertently exposed. Explore how secrets management can secure applications quickly with developer-friendly options.

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