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Full access users are authorized to work with CyberArk’s Technical Support team.

To become a full access user, you must be trained on our product(s), have access to the product and logs and have an active maintenance contract.

Please contact our Users’ Access team to become a full access user and update the list of your Support Contacts.

Contact: [email protected].

Recommended trainings are in the table below:

Privilege On-Premises CyberArk Privilege Self-Hosted Administration
Privilege Cloud CyberArk Privilege Cloud Administration
Endpoint Privilege Manager (EPM) CyberArk EPM Fundamentals
Conjur Enterprise Conjur Fundamentals
Credential Providers CyberArk Credential Providers Fundamentals

For partner organizations providing services to customers, Defender Certification is required in order to become a full access user.

Please contact your designated channel manager for more information regarding the defender certification.


CyberArk classifies support issues using four categories: Critical, Serious, Moderate and Minor.

To ensure the fastest and appropriate response to Critical and Serious issues please contact us through the Technical Community or by Phone.

Learn more on how CyberArk classifies technical support issues through the CyberArk Technical Support Guide.

Login to the portal and use the Case Tab to submit an issue.

Please use email for low priority communications as these cases will be classified with Minor priority until a member of the Technical Support Team has a chance to review them.

For urgent issues please call:

Americas: +1-844-537-7700
EMEA: +44-800-0668865
APJ: +65-6460-4254
Israel: +972-3-9180011
Australia: +61-1800-290865


The severity of support cases are divided into four categories: Critical, Serious, Moderate and Minor.

We assign Critical priority to cases where users are not able to log into the system, access credentials or systems managed by CyberArk’s product at scale, or elevate privileges at scale

Examples of support cases categorized as critical:

  • Users are not able to log in to retrieve credentials or establish privileged sessions due to a failure in CyberArk system
  • Users are not able to establish privileged sessions, and there is no other way to access managed assets
  • CyberArk’s software is blocking normal office productivity applications or not allowing multiple users to log into their workstations
  • A business-critical application is not operational because it cannot retrieve its credentials
  • Exclusive accounts are not released in a timely manner
  • A critical business process for the customer is stopped, resulting in significant financial losses

These are high impact events that do not fall under the Critical category because they do not affect access to credentials or privilege.

As examples, CyberArk will treat the following situation as serious:

  • Loss of Redundancy
  • Performance issue that allows the users to perform their duties
  • Password management issues at scale that do not affect users’ or applications’ access to credentials
  • Audit data consistency
  • Intermittent issues that correct themselves without intervention

Most problems will fall in this category. Also, after an immediate Serious or Critical issue is resolved, we will conduct root cause analysis with Moderate priority

Examples of Moderate priority issues are:

  • Data quality issues
  • Individual user login issues
  • Issues with credential management functionality
  • Issues related to provisioning new functionality
  • Investigation of error messages
  • Issues observed in non-production environments

Examples Include:

  • Errors and clarifications about Product Documentation
  • Advice on best practices ˚ Questions about functionality


Opening cases through the Technical Community Case tab is CyberArk’s preferred channel to deliver support assistance. It provides customers the most robust way to manage and handle their support cases. From reviewing its status to reviewing the full history of exchanged communications and more.

CyberArk Technical Support often requires, troubleshooting details, logs and configuration files to assess an ongoing issue.

Please visit the Knowledge Base article “What Information should be provided when I open a case?” available at the CyberArk Technical Community to review the specific troubleshooting details

For collecting logs and configuration files, customers can leverage CyberArk’s debug tool known as CyberArk xRay Agent; which is available at the CyberArk Marketplace.

CyberArk offers 24 by 7 support to all customers and offers Premium Technical Support for customers needing CyberArk’s fastest SLAs and support from a designated team of senior support engineers who are well-versed in the needs of enterprise customers. Technical issues are categorized based on the level of accessibility customers have to access the resources under the protection of CyberArk solutions. Below the details of CyberArk’s Technical initial response times and SLA.

Severity 24/7 SLA Premium Tech Support SLA
SLA: Work continuously until problem is fixed
Initial response time: 2 hours Initial response time: 1 hour
SLA: Work through normal business day
Initial response time: 4 business hours Initial response time: 2 hours
SLA: Reasonable, as resources are available
Initial response time: 6 business hours Initial response time: 4 hours
SLA: Reasonable, as resources are available
Initial response time: 12 business hours Initial response time: 8 hours

Learn more on how CyberArk prioritizes cases and its SLAs through the CyberArk Technical Support Guide and by reviewing your maintenance and support agreement.


Access articles, security bulletins, knowledge bytes and troubleshooting processes.

Get your questions answered, access how-to-videos, step-by-step configuration instructions and more. Full access users also get to manage Support cases through the Technical Community and any CyberArk customer can self-register too.


Business Day – Any day other than Saturday and Sunday or national holiday in Singapore.
Business Hours – 09:00 – 18:00 (SG Time).

Business Day – Any day other than Friday and Saturday or national holiday in the State of Israel.
Business Hours – 09:00 – 18:00 (IL Time).

Business Day – Any day other than Saturday and Sunday or national holiday in UK.
Business Hours – 08:00 – 17:00 (UK Time).

Business Day – Any day other than Saturday and Sunday or national holiday in the US (federal).
Business Hours – 08:00 – 20:00 (US Eastern Time).

See CyberArk Support Case Prioritization and Initial Response Times for details on 24/7 and Premium Technical service level agreements.


CyberArk resources to help with installation, implementation, or handling of technical support issues.

Easily collect pertinent information of your CyberArk components in one simple process to streamline and speed the resolution of your support cases.

CyberArk Marketplace contains all CyberArk downloads in one place. Our software, integrations with various technologies that we developed along with our customers and partners, as well as application integrations can all be downloaded from one convenient location.

For customers needing or wanting customized CPM and PSM plug-ins in order to work with a specific environment or target device, CyberArk provides Custom Extension services. CyberArk’s Customer Extension services help develop, test and deploy custom plugins which are fully supported by CyberArk’s Technical Support organization.

Please contact your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager for more details.


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