Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure access to your apps and websites with a broad range of secondary authentication methods.

Multi Factor Authentication

Added security. When you needed it.

Protect your apps with multi-factor authentication that adjusts based on risk.

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Eliminate reliance on passwords with a broad set of secondary authentication factors.

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Customize embedded authentication flows to your needs, including the types and number of challenges.

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Limit challenges to risky access requests based on context and user behavior.

Adaptive Authentication

Use AI to intelligently assign risk to each access request.

Extra layer of protection

Device, network, and user behavior context

Dynamic access policies


of breaches involve the use of lost or stolen credentials.*

Threats knock but no one answers

Multi-Factor Authentication provides added protection to keep attackers out.

Risk-based policies

Enforce MFA challenges based on contextual information and behavioral signals.

Risk-Based Policies

Authentication factors

Validate customer identities with a broad range of supported authentication methods, including passwordless factors, physical tokens, and authenticator apps.

Authentication Factors

In-depth reports

Analyze access requests against historical patterns, visualize trends in real-time, and investigate failed or high-risk access attempts.

In-depth Reporting


Leverage the CyberArk REST API to deploy MFA in your applications to customize end-user experience.


Dynamic access policies

Define when to challenge users with MFA based on pre-defined conditions such as location, device, day of week, time of day and even risky user behavior.

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Add an additional layer of authentication to your apps

Reduce the risk of compromised credentials

Reduce friction for users with context-based access controls

*SOURCE: EMA, Contextual Awareness: Advancing Identity and Access Management to the Next Level of Security Effectiveness, Steve Brasen, March 2020