Meet cyber insurance requirements and reduce risk

Keep your premiums down and establish a strong security posture that meets the pre-audit requirements from cyber insurance providers.

The rise in cyber attack payouts

Throughout 2020, there was an unprecedented surge in cyber and ransomware attacks. Payouts for these attacks have been extortionately high, where providers have undergone massive direct loss ratios for standalone policies1.

A handful of losses could wipe out the billions of dollars generated by cyber insurance companies.2 Cyber threats will persist and evolve, and organizations need to manage that risk.

Cyber Insurance Payouts on the Rise

Pre-audit evaluation

Cyber insurance providers are now requiring a more in-depth pre-audit evaluation.

Stronger security

Increased demand for a stronger security posture – both controls as well as Incident Response plans.

pay up

Comply or pay up

Policy holders are required to comply with these changes or face high increases in premiums.

Understand cyber insurance requirements and get ready

If you’re purchasing cyber insurance for the first time or headed into a renewal, watch this webcast to discover the top 5 risk mitigation controls required to obtain a cyber insurance policy.

Understand Cyber Insurance Requirements and Get Ready

Watch this on-demand webcast to learn the changes in cyber insurance underwriting and how they affect organizations just like yours. Understand focus areas and prerequisites for a cyber liability policy. Discover cyber security solutions to help address essential risk controls.

Accelerated time to value

The CyberArk Identity Security Platform delivers accelerated time-to-value through a comprehensive SaaS solution set, that addresses the core areas within cyber insurance pre-audit requirements.

Reduced time to benefit

Operationally efficient for IT teams

Lowers cost


Annual increase for cyber insurance coverage expected*


Ransomware payments by companies during 2020*

Foundational identity security solutions

CyberArk secures privileged access to Tier0 systems throughout the IT estate, provides risk-based adaptive authentication to users, and delivers robust protection across all endpoints (i.e. workstations, servers and virtual machines).

Privileged Access Manager

Reduces risk by discovering, onboarding, managing and securing access to privileged accounts and credentials.

PAM-as-a- Service

Vendor Privileged Access Manager

Secures third-party access to critical internal resources with session isolation, monitoring and audit capabilities without the need for VPNs, passwords or agents.

Third Party Vendor Privileged Access

CyberArk Identity

Simple and secure access to business-critical resources through adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Access Management Solutions

CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager

Provides holistic endpoint protection to secure all endpoints, removes administrative rights and enforces least privilege without disrupting business.

Endpoint Protection

A note from our CFO

“CyberArk’s solutions not only help organizations prepare for the increased scrutiny from insurance providers but more importantly are proven to help mitigate the potential crippling damage and far-reaching costs from a cyber attack.”

Josh Siegel, Chief Financial Officer, CyberArk


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