Credential Providers

Developers and security teams love how easy it is to eliminate hard-coded credentials within a broad range of applications using out-of-the-box integrations.

Let applications securely access the secrets they need

Manage, rotate and secure secrets used by commercial (COTS) applications, RPA, Java, .Net, automation scripts and other non-human identities.

High performance

Meets the needs of the enterprise’s most mission critical and demanding applications.

Strong authentication

Verifies the origin of any application requesting the credential.

No downtime

Rotates credentials based on policy while applications keep running.

The highest score for Secrets Management use case in the 2023 Gartner® Critical Capabilities for PAM

Explore why CyberArk was ranked highest for the Secrets Management use case.

Simplifying securing apps and COTS software with hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations

CyberArk customers use CyberArk Secrets Manager and the Identity Security Platform to secure all their human and non-human identities.

Securely retrieve credentials at run-time

Prevent exposure of hard-coded credentials in static, mission critical applications.

Secure credential access

Passwords that are stored in the CyberArk Digital Vault can be retrieved to the Credential Provider, and then accessed by authorized remote applications.

Secure Credential Access

Controlled access

Least privilege enables each application to receive the specific password that it requested and no other.

Controlled Access

Strong authentication

Leverages the application workloads native characteristics to strongly authenticate applications and eliminate “secret zero”.

Strong Authentication

High reliability

Locally cached credentials ensure high availability, business continuity and the highest performance for the enterprise’s mission critical applications.

High Reliability

Fully audited

Audit logs track access to passwords, providing complete monitoring and accountability for each password requested by every application.

Fully Audited

Centralized credential management across distributed environments

Flexible architecture and deployment options enable a broad range of applications to securely retrieve credentials for access to sensitive resources such as databases.

Central Credential Management

Identity security that knows you but doesn’t slow you

Explore all the ways CyberArk gives you peace of mind to move fearlessly forward.


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Prevent mission critical applications from exposing hard-coded credentials

Simplify securing applications with the broadest range of out-of-the-box integrations

Stay one step ahead of audits and compliance

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