CyberArk Blueprint for identity security success

A best practices framework for developing a successful identity security program.


Accelerate your security

Identity security offers organizations the peace of mind that their most critical assets are secure while accelerating business agility. But putting a plan in place that effectively secures the expanding number identities, environments and their access can feel daunting. The CyberArk Blueprint was designed with this in mind, allowing organizations to better understand identity-related attacks, assess their own security, build a plan to measurable reduce risk and learn best practices to deploy intelligent privilege controls. You don’t have to go it alone, and the Blueprint is here to be your companion for the journey ahead, helping you achieve more impactful security outcomes, faster.

Reducing Corporate Footprint

Best practice

Practice guidance across the people, process and technology domains to help you operationalize identity security.

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Accelerate your Identity Security journey with self-service resources available on-demand.

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Comprehensive system of materials including videos, whitepapers, blog articles and toolkits.

Built from deep experience

Accelerate the Business

Measurably reduce risk

Blueprint is structured around maximizing security impact for the least amount of effort, helping you prioritize critical risk that “moves the needle” in a measurable way.

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Lessons learned in battle

The Blueprint is built from experience gained while helping recover from some of the largest modern breaches, leading cutting-edge threat research, and assisting our 8,500+ global customers.

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Prescriptive guidance for any identity

Blueprint allows us to share our experience through a prescriptive approach meant to help secure the full spectrum of identities, whether they be Workforce, IT, Developer or Machine.

Getting the most out of the Blueprint

These are the common ways organizations leverage the CyberArk Blueprint to them on their journey.

Understand the attack chain

Leverage the CyberArk Blueprint to better understand the identity attack chain, how do the malicious actors exploit your Workforce, IT, Developer and Machine identities to execute their endgame, and how can you prevent those types of attacks with intelligent privilege controls.

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Assess your security posture

Security assessments are vital to information security. Leverage the CyberArk Blueprint to accelerate your security efforts, identify weaknesses and security control gaps, and gain insight about your security posture through the lens of prioritization, security control families and technology groups.

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Build your roadmap

A roadmap serves as the foundational guide for one’s security initiatives, allowing you to execute on a specific plan and proactively targeting areas of security deficiency. Accelerate your ability to create an actionable, measurable and prioritized plan with the CyberArk Blueprint.


Best practice education

Successful programs are about more than good security tools, they require the right people, process and technology guidance. Take the guess work out of planning, executing and deploying intelligent privilege controls with practical best practice guidance from the CyberArk Success Blog.

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Understanding the identity attack chain

The CyberArk Blueprint is built on three guiding principles that guide security control recommendations and are designed to mitigate common risks associated with the identity-centric attacks.

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“We are very proud about what we have achieved with our program… Over the last three years, CyberArk has been great for Cisco. Now we are planning to evolve our CyberArk Identity Security Platform to leverage some of the new and advanced solutions that CyberArk is developing.”

Santosh Prusty, Senior Leader, Enterprise Security Team, Cisco

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“Partnering with CyberArk, including the use of the CyberArk Blueprint framework, has helped us develop a future-proof identity security strategy that meets the challenges we face today and that we anticipate in the future, especially considering the accelerated pace of our digital transformation”

Murali Mohan Rao Manduva, CTO, DCB Bank

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A key benefit of partnering with CyberArk that enabled E-Global to develop its Identity Security strategy was access to the CyberArk Blueprint. This best practice framework is backed by years of CyberArk’s cyber security experience and expertise in people, processes and technology. E-Global used Blueprint to analyze its alignment to identity security best practices and then plan, customize and design the optimal implementation roadmap to enhance its security posture.



“CyberArk’s advice and consultancy before the purchase and the company’s support during implementation have been exceptional,” stated Krish. “And since then, CyberArk has been in regular contact with us tracking and following up on the solution deployment.”

Krish Anand, CIO, Encora


Accelerate your identity security journey

Understand the common attack chain and map a prioritized risk-based approach

Assess your security posture, identify security control gaps and gain insight

Identify best practices to drive adoption across your workforce

Identity Security Roadmap

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