Remediation services

Rapidly regain control of compromised privileged credentials with the right expertise and software.

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Experiencing a breach?
Our certified incident-response consultants are here to help.

Regain control

Accelerate your recovery with CyberArk remediation services.

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Accelerate recovery

Ensure a quick recovery with pre-determined terms and conditions and immediate access to any of the needed Identity Security solutions.

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Improve outcomes

CyberArk’s certified incident-response consultants and engineers bring you decades of real-world experience.

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Proactive protection

CyberArk customers can book remediation services in advance at no charge and non customers can purchase on an ad hoc basis to resolve pressing security issues.

Get back to business quickly

Mitigate the impact of sophisticated attacks and restore business critical services, quickly and efficiently.

Rapid Response

Rapid response

If your business experiences a privileged access security breach, CyberArk will quickly designate a team of experienced services professionals to help you efficiently isolate and mitigate the threat.

Experts on call

Our remediation services team includes certified incident-response consultants and CyberArk-certified engineers who speak the language of first-line responders and are well-versed in the use of CyberArk solutions.

Experts On Call

A Trusted Playbook

A trusted playbook

CyberArk has developed a series of playbooks for assessing, prioritizing, and responding to privileged access security incidents to help you quickly contain threats and regain control.

Battle tested

CyberArk has remediated some of the largest breaches of the 21st century—and we can help your company too.

Battle Tested

Industry Leading Solutions

Industry-leading solutions

The team has full access to the entire CyberArk solution portfolio throughout the remediation effort. Once control is restored you can choose to continue licensing the CyberArk solutions to protect against future incidents.


Rapid risk assessment

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Regain command and control

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Work with a team of experts

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Remediate urgent threats