Red Team Services

See if your security solutions are ready for prime time. The CyberArk Red Team specializes in finding your solution’s flaws—before attackers do.

Red Team Adversary Simulation Services

Put your defenses to the test

Specializing in adversary simulations, the CyberArk Red Team thinks and acts like expert attackers. Watch them work to exploit your cloud and hybrid environments, DevOps pipelines, and processes—so you’re able to optimize your solutions.

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Setting your security controls properly is essential to any cybersecurity program—and there’s no better way to make sure you have them right then testing them out

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Putting your defenses to the test gives your security teams a baseline to measure progress—and a smart way to uncover unknown weaknesses

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Watching an attacker’s tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP’s) in action helps detect areas of risk—and opportunities optimize security controls

Cyberattacks are inevitable. Damage is not.

With our services, training and research we can help your team prepare for Cyberattacks.

White Hacking Services

We provide white hacking services that test your organization’s abilities to detect and respond to advanced threats without introducing business risk.

White Hacking Services

CyberArk Labs

Through innovative research, CyberArk Labs examines emerging attack techniques to drive greater awareness, industry collaboration and help companies improve their security posture.

CyberArk Labs

Defense Optimization

To help reduce risk and optimize security, once we have tested your defenses we provide a comprehensive report showcasing strengths and weaknesses with prioritized recommendations to rapidly reduce existing risks and mitigate vulnerabilities.

Cyber Defense Optimization


Benefit from instructor led training and hands-on experience on attacker’s Tools, Tactics and Procedures (TTP).

Cybersecurity Training

Threat Research

Stay up to date with the leading threat research from our global team of cybersecurity experts.

Threat Research


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