CyberArk Launches New Cloud Service for Secure Managed File Transfer

September 14, 2011

NEWTON, Mass. – September 14, 2011 – Cyber-Ark® Software, the leading global information security provider for protecting and managing critical applications, identities and sensitive information, today announced Inter-Business Vault® as a Service, an innovative cloud-based solution for rapidly exchanging sensitive files with external third parties. Based on its patented Digital Vault technology, Cyber-Ark is the only vendor to provide a secure cloud delivery model that protects sensitive file transfers in transit and at rest. This capability enables organizations to support the exchange of files quickly and cost-effectively to meet business needs, while alleviating concerns over security and compliance requirements.

To support governed file transfer or external file sharing capabilities in the cloud, Cyber-Ark’s Inter-Business Vault as a Service enables organizations to:

  • Make Security a Priority: With Cyber-Ark’s Digital Vault technology, users can isolate and protect files at all times to ensure data is only viewed by those with access rights based on policy, even in the cloud. Data is encrypted and meets all industry regulatory and governance requirements.
  • Accelerate Deployment and Ensure Scalability: Featuring a proven enterprise-grade system with an easy-to-understand web-based interface, users quickly benefit from a solution that is proven to support growing volumes of data while allowing rapid onboarding of new partners with minimal training. Additional benefits include lower total cost of ownership, business autonomy and improved productivity.
  • Support Multiple File Transfer Requirements: A one-stop file transfer solution, organizations can set up any ad-hoc, automatic or manual transfer process in the cloud using a single platform that supports multiple business uses.

Cloud-Based Secure File Exchange in Healthcare
To demonstrate the benefits of this new cloud-based model, the healthcare division of a global information company turned to Cyber-Ark to address a critical business and compliance need: Quickly deploy a solution to support ad-hoc external file sharing. This division routinely receives insurance plans and personal health information (PHI), including electronic health records (EHR), which it needs to review before sending back to the provider. While the division had a means for automated “bulk” transfers, secure ad-hoc transmission of sensitive information was a challenge.

By offering governed file transfer capabilities in a secure cloud-based environment and alleviating pressures on the IT department, Cyber-Ark rapidly provided its on-demand solution to meet the customer’s critical business deadline. And, leveraging its dedicated Inter-Business Vault in the cloud, the division retains complete control over its data for both security and audit purposes. The division further benefits from a branded web-based portal that makes it very easy to add and monitor users with minimal training.

“For organizations that require a cost-effective solution for exchanging sensitive files that can be deployed quickly and with minimal training, our new cloud-based solution is an attractive option for both business and IT stakeholders,” said Roy Adar, vice president of product management, Cybe-Ark Software. “By deploying dedicated Digital Vaults in a cloud delivery model, Cyber-Ark effectively addresses security and audit concerns related to sharing and storing sensitive information in the cloud. Users also have the flexibility to move to an on-premise or hybrid solution for better enterprise integration as their business needs evolve.”

Cyber-Ark’s Governed File Transfer solution isolates sensitive data sent over the internet, enabling organizations to securely and efficiently exchange sensitive information with their business partners, customers, suppliers and subcontractors using ad-hoc, manual or automated file transfer through a single platform. Governed File Transfer capabilities are built on Cyber-Ark’s patented Inter-Business Vault, the most secure file transfer platform on the market for governing and managing business file transfers.