CyberArk Selected to Present at UP 2010 Cloud Computing Conference

November 12, 2010

NEWTON, Mass. — November 12, 2010 — Cyber-Ark® Software, the leading global software provider for protecting critical applications, identities and information, today announced that Shlomi Dinoor, vice president, emerging technologies, has been selected as a featured speaker at UP 2010 – the World’s first truly hybrid format cloud computing conference taking place November 15 -19, 2010. Dinoor’s presentation will focus on debunking common cloud security myths and describing steps organizations need to take to effectively manage, access, store and secure critical data in a cloud environment.

Who: Shlomi Dinoor, vice president, emerging technologies, Cyber-Ark
What: With applications now extending across on-premise, cloud, hosted and virtualized environments, the session, “Got Privilege in Your Infrastructure? Here, There and Everywhere…,” will discuss how privileged access point vulnerabilities have emerged across these environments as attractive targets for cyber-criminals and why organizations are still struggling to effectively manage, access, store and secure their critical data. While most organizations rely on evolving identity management technology to address these concerns, the solutions consistently fail to address to the most fundamental concepts of data protection, particularly when it comes to privileged accounts. Attendees will gain a better understanding of what “privileged access” is, how it is defined in an extended enterprise, how to sort through the inherent “alphabet soup” of related identity management terminology, and how to better assess risk of privileged users and accounts using the 90/10 rule: 10 percent of identities typically represent about 90 percent of an enterprise’s security and compliance risk.
When: Friday, November 19, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. ET
Where: For more information or to register for the event, visit Follow updates from Cyber-Ark on Twitter @CyberArk or @ ShlomiDinoor using the #UP2010 hashtag.

About UP 2010

UP 2010™ (15 – 19 November 2010), is the world’s first truly “hybrid” cloud computing conference for business leaders, IT professionals and investors. UP 2010 is an affordable “hybrid” conference with both physical locations and full virtual deployment. The conference agenda can be viewed at Full details about UP 2010 can be viewed at