Devoteam and CyberArk Partner to Prevent Insider Threats and Protect Privileged Identities

September 16, 2009

September 16, 2009 – Cyber-Ark Software, the leader in securing and managing privileged identities and highly sensitive information and Devoteam, the leading ICT services company in Europe, today have announced a new partnership which will enable companies in Belgium to safeguard their sensitive information and prevent data leakage as well as protection from insider threats. Devoteam will now be able to offer their clients initially in Belgium and then throughout Europe with Cyber-Ark’s award winning suites Privileged Identity Management (PIM) and Highly-Sensitive Information Management.

Privileged accounts, such as UNIX Root or Windows Administrator, proliferate through an organization’s infrastructure on every server, device, application, database, desktop and laptop. While necessary for the administration of these systems, these commonly unmanaged accounts pose unique and extremely dangerous challenges due to the unfettered access they provide to key, high-risk systems and data. Additionally, because they are anonymous and typically shared among administrators, developers and contractors, privileged accounts are a frequent source of audit deficiencies. To prevent insider fraud, data breaches and failed IT audits, organizations must be able to control and monitor shared accounts in the context of business, legal and regulatory policies and Cyber-Ark’s Privileged Identity Management (PIM) and Highly-Sensitive Information Management suites can help companies achieve this.

Gil Fromovitch – Channel Director Western Europe & Africa at Cyber-Ark Software said “Addressing the risks associated with the sheer power of shared, privileged accounts and keeping data safe at all times is a challenging issue for organizations around the world. Cyber-Ark is very excited about partnering with a company such as Devoteam who have such unique expertise in IT and Telecom and have an enviable reputation in applications and infrastructure with an impressive list of global brands. With Devoteam’s experience in delivering innovative solutions to global enterprises, we look forward to working with them, in Belgium and in time quickly build on their international network.”

Olivier De Kock- Sales Manager at Devoteam said “At Devoteam we are proud of our ability to identify and communicate the benefits of technology that address topical industry issues and specific client requirements. Cyber-Ark’s suite of products is exactly what many of our clients have been looking for – a privileged identity management solution and safe repository system that protects and stores a companies’ most sensitive data. Cyber-Ark’s solutions will also aid our clients in meeting their compliancy issues by making their most highly sensitive information more accessible to those authorised to access it, thereby eliminating negative conceptions associated with security “linked with accessibility” – providing the perfect solution to what is currently quite a thorny problem to manage.”

Cyber-Ark has seen a huge demand in recent years for their solutions, especially the Privileged Identity Management solutions, with a 100% increase in their customer base and revenues increasing three fold. Cyber-Ark’s technology is already used to secure the most valuable assets of some of the largest military, banking, manufacturing, airline and governmental enterprises in the world. Companies such as Voca, AstraZeneca, Roche, Motorola, Orange, Mizuho Bank, Rabobank, Belgacom and, Standard Bank have long been “digital vaulting” advocates using the “Vaulting Solution” as a “safe haven” within their enterprises for all critical information assets to be archived, transferred and shared.