AWS Re:Invent 2014 – Day 2


November 13, 2014 | DevOps | Kevin O'Brien


Halfway through the AWS Re:Invent 2014 conference, three major themes have emerged:

  • Software-defined infrastructure is real and is being used by organizations that would not have imagined “going cloud” even 2-3 years ago
  • The concept of perimeter is well and truly dead. With software-defined systems, your entire IT stack can be killed and rebuilt in minutes; security and risk models must either adapt to embrace a permissions/secrets/audit framework, or become irrelevant
  • Information security requirements aren’t changing; from regulatory compliance to protecting PCI and PII data, organizations need a coherent and cohesive security strategy for their modern(izing) infrastructure.

During Wednesday’s keynote, the AWS team announced a number of new features that demonstrate the importance of protecting sensitive data, systems, and access within AWS itself. Here at Conjur, we’re very excited to see more attention being paid to protecting the data, services, and environments that comprise what we call the “Modern Infrastructure”.


The threat surface that modern infrastructure exposes is largely defined by access and authorization considerations. From the moment that a user, host, microservice, or code element comes into existence, it is critically important that it be inventoried, granted identity, and assigned appropriate and well-audited permissions.

Encrypting information with strong key management is an important component in that Modern Infrastructure, and wrapping a program for managing encryption into a larger security initiative focused on monitoring, managing, securing, and auditing authorization and access is essential to ensuring that sensitive data is not inadvertently accessed or exfiltrated from these new environments.

We’d love to hear what you’re hearing, seeing, and doing within your organization. Come see us at booth K6 all day today!





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