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Helping ensure the optimal performance of your CyberArk solutions.


Supporting the privileged access management goals of our customers is core to CyberArk’s values. Through close contact support services and our customer communities, CyberArk technical support is here to help.


C: Technical Community Case tab

E: [email protected]

T: Americas: +1-844-537-7700
EMEA: +44-203-7287074
APJ: +65-6460-4254
Israel: +972-3-9180011
Australia: +61-1800-290865


Learn everything you need to know to resolve issues with the help of CyberArk’s Technical Support team. From knowing who can access CyberArk’s technical support and how CyberArk classifies and handles support cases, to customer resources and additional CyberArk services at your disposal.


CyberArk Technical Support’s goal is to make navigating our organization as simple as possible for customers and partners. Please find the options for engaging with support and other pertinent information below. As always, if you need to open a case, please submit via our Technical Community or one of the phone numbers above.


CyberArk products secure our customers’ most sensitive and high value assets. As such, it is highly important for the customers
and partners to follow CyberArk’s guidelines on how to setup and configure CyberArk’s solutions.

Only full access users are authorized to work with CyberArk’s Technical Support. To become a full access user, you must be trained on our product(s), have access to the product and logs to be able to work with support, and have an active maintenance contract.
For partner organizations providing services to customers, Defender Certification is required in order to become a full access user. To get further assistance on how to become a full access user and to update the list of your Support contacts (to avoid any delays or missing any important communications) please contact our Users’ Access team at [email protected]. Partner organizations, please contact your designated channel manager for more information regarding the defender certification.
Recommended trainings in table below:

Product Training
Core Privileged Access Security (Core PAS) CyberArk PAS Administration
Endpoint Privileged Access Manager (EPM) EPM Fundamentals
Application Access Management (AAM) AAM Fundamentals
Dynamic Access Provider (DAP) Fundamentals

Asia-Pacific and Japan – Business Day – Any day other than Saturday and Sunday or national holiday in Singapore. Business Hours – 09:00 – 18:00 (SG Time).

Israel – Business Day – Any day other than Friday and Saturday or national holiday in the State of Israel. Business Hours – 09:00 – 18:00 (IL Time).
Europe, Middle East and Asia – Business Day – Any day other than Saturday and Sunday or national holiday in the UK. Business Hours – 08:00 – 17:00 (UK Time).

Americas – Business Day – Any day other than Saturday and Sunday or national holiday in the US. Business Hours – 08:00 – 17:30 (US Eastern Time).

    • Friday, January 1 New Year’s Day
    • Monday, January 18 Martin Luther King Day
    • Monday, February 15 Presidents’ Day
    • Friday, April 2 Good Friday
    • Monday, May 31 Memorial Day
    • Monday, July 5 Independence Day (Observed)
    • Monday, September 6 Labor Day
    • Thursday, September 16 Yom Kippur
    • Monday, October 11 Columbus Day
    • Thursday, November 11 Veterans Day
    • Thurs/Fri, November 25 & 26 Thanksgiving
    • Friday, December 24 Christmas Day (Observed)

CyberArk offers our customers the option to purchase 24/7 Support coverage. This entitles the customer to call our after hours Support hotline for Critical or Serious System down issues where no work can be completed in a Production environment.

If your maintenance contract expires, then all users within your company will lose Technical Community access and no longer be able to directly contact Cyberark Support. All active Support cases will be put on hold until maintenance has been paid. Once maintenance is paid Support assistance will resume.


The Technical Community is constantly monitored with further alerts set up for high priority cases. Furthermore, it provides the best way to document all aspects of each case and thus is the preferable way to contact Support.
In case of urgency, we encourage you to call the Support by phone. (please see above for contact information). Also, please note that all cases open via email are categorized as minor cases.

At times when call volumes are high, and or after hours, Support will utilize an answering service. This is to ensure our customers will always reach a human rather than a recording. When you reach the answering service they will take down some information and forward the information to our Support team. Support will review the information.

CyberArks Enterprise Support provides a debug tool known as CyberArk xRay.

CyberArk xRay collects product logs and configuration files from multiple products in a simple single-step process so you can share the collected data with your partner or CyberArk in a safe and encrypted manner. When sharing with CyberArk, shared data is linked to a case to allow Enterprise Support easy and secure access to the collected data – helping to speed the process to detect the ongoing error.

This tool can be found via the CyberArk Marketplace by searching CyberArk xRay.

CyberArk always considers the level of accessibility customers have to access the resources under the protection of its software. Below find details of CyberArk’s Technical Support service level agreements (SLAs), including business hours and response times.

Learn more on how CyberArk prioritizes cases and its SLAs through the CyberArk Technical Support Guide.

Severity 24×7 SLA Basic SLA
Critical Initial response time: 2 business hours Initial response time: 2 business hours
Serious Initial response time: 4 business hours Initial response time: 4 business hours
Moderate Initial response time: 6 business hours Initial response time: 6 business hours
Minor Initial response time: 12 business hours Initial response time: 12 business hours

Opening cases through the Technical Community Case tab is CyberArk’s preferred channel to deliver support assistance. It provides customers the most robust way to manage and handle their support cases. From reviewing its status to reviewing the full history of exchanged communications and more.


All issues must be escalated through your Technical Account Manager or the Account Executive. In case they are not known to you, please contact Support in order to obtain these details.

Priority of a case is as agreed in the maintenance contract and once set is not editable from the Customer Community end.

If the actual impact on production fits the priority currently set in the case, but there is added urgency due to other reasons, please state these reasons in the case and inform your Technical Account Manager or Account Executive.

If the situation has deteriorated and the current impact on production has changed so that priority must be increased, please state this in the case with details of the change. If the priority needs to be increased to Serious or Critical we recommend calling the Support hotline or opening another case with a higher priority referencing the original.