Video Case Study: Swisslos Selects CyberArk for Secure Privileged Credential Management


December 17, 2013 | Videos | CyberArk

With 500,000 online users, Swisslos, the non-profit responsible for the Swiss lottery, not only runs the national lottery, but also offers customers betting services and instant gaming tickets. Previously, the management of the Swisslos Internet platform was outsourced, but in 2009 it was brought back into Swisslos’s data centre. It was essential that this transition was secure and that corporate and customer data was adequately protected.

In order to maintain certification for the sale of EuroMillions tickets in Switzerland – a major part of Swisslos’s business — the lottery company had to prove that it had a system in place that could effectively and securely manage privileged passwords across the whole organisation and demonstrate that it had policies to ensure that those passwords were changed every 30 days. Prior to working with CyberArk, this process was managed manually, which was extremely time consuming for the Swisslos IT team.

CyberArk was able to help Swisslos automate this process through the use of our Privileged Account Security solution. Using CyberArk’s Privileged Identity Management suite across all of Swisslos’s UNIX systems, the company achieved access to instant audits and reports for privileged password use across the entire enterprise. One of the main reasons that Swisslos was also originally drawn to CyberArk was because of its scalability.

To learn more about the Swisslos implementation take a look at the video below.





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