Webinar Recap – Securing Docker with Conjur


Docker is one of the hottest and most hyped technologies around, but for many organizations, there are still pretty significant questions about how to secure it for enterprise use.


In this technical webinar on “Securing Docker with Conjur”, CTO Kevin Gilpin and VP and Founding Member Kevin O’Brien discuss the uses of Docker, look at some of the more common bad practices and insecure approaches to its use, and examine how to create and enforce real-time security in a Docker deployment through the use of Conjur, without adding counteractive steps slowing processes or forcing the use of developer work-arounds.

Watch now to learn the best practices for securing Docker, including:

  1. Not storing secrets in Docker images themselves
  2. Avoiding anti-patterns that trade convenience for security
  3. Ensuring a complete audit trail is available around Docker use
  4. Making security an enabler, not a disabler
  5. Defining and enforcing a Development / Test / Production separation and workflow policy





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