FDM group implements PAM as a service to enhance overall security

FDM uses Privilege Cloud to enhance security across its servers and infrastructure


Company profile

FDM is a strategic talent partner, placing business-ready tech professionals including graduates, returners and ex-military personnel to work with clients across multiple sectors. The company has firmly established itself as an award-winning FTSE 250 employer, launching over 2,000 careers globally each year in a variety of disciplines, including software development, project management, and cyber security.

Industry: Professional Services
Annual Revenue: GBP267 Million (USD369 Million)
Employees: 5,000+


FDM Group Deploys CyberArk Privilege Cloud® to Future-Proof the Identity Security Requirements of Its Global Environment

“We have a lean team, and the company is growing extremely quickly, so it is imperative that we create an environment that is secure and doesn’t need to be constantly rearchitected. We selected CyberArk to help us achieve this future-proof state,” declared Patrick Wake, Group Head of Information Security for FDM Group.

FDM consultants undergo rigorous training across in-demand technologies, in learning environments that are designed to mirror real-world business challenges and work practices. Founded in 1990, the company has been recognized for four consecutive years as one of the top 75 employers for social mobility in the United Kingdom.

CyberArk Privilege Cloud Lightens the Load

The implementation of a Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution across its hybrid on-prem, Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS environments was a key component of FDM’s ongoing maturity strategy. “We spoke to multiple PAM vendors and got the impression that they were making things unnecessarily complicated,” Patrick recalled. “We didn’t want to have to install servers across all of our regions, and then hire people to deal with the subsequent patching and maintenance of these systems. The choice of CyberArk Privilege Cloud means that we have a partner that does all of the heavy lifting for us.”


Unparalleled Guidance Brings Widespread Benefits

To assist with the initial rollout, FDM utilized the CyberArk Privilege Jump Start, led by the Privilege Cloud Team. The Jump Start follows a three-phase approach that can be scaled and repeatedly applied to customers as they integrate PAM as a Service. “Collaborating with the CyberArk experts that have significant experience in setting everything up has been a really positive experience. The level of support for our team was something that we don’t often see from our suppliers,” remarked Patrick.

He continued, “In fact, we received guidance well beyond the PAM domain and were able to optimize servers and back-end processes to further enhance our overall security posture. We made improvements to areas that weren’t originally on our agenda: It was a real win.”

Inherent Agility

When the global pandemic struck and workers around the world were forced to shelter at home, the merits of FDM’s future-proof strategy became even more apparent: “Overnight, we were able to move the entire business into a remote environment and privileged access was never something we had to concern ourselves with,” commented Patrick.

Simplifying the Burden of Compliance

For any organization, demonstrating compliance to internal and external auditors is a burdensome but necessary responsibility. FDM’s choice of PAM solution has smoothed the undertaking. “Deploying CyberArk has tangibly streamlined the audit process for us. There is a lot of reassurance from having
a recognized industry-leading brand in place,” Patrick shared. “CyberArk automatically does things that are well beyond standard audit requirements, immediately instilling confidence and resolving any concerns.”

“CyberArk makes it very easy to generate reports to prove we are in compliance. Having everything pulled together under a single pane of glass just makes it that much easier to get our job done.”

– Patrick Wake, Group Head of Information Security, FDM Group.


Instilling Trust

Another big benefit for the FDM team comes from the monitoring and recording capabilities of CyberArk Privilege Cloud. “Documenting privileged user sessions helps our employees feel safer knowing that their actions can be validated. CyberArk helps develop trust across the organization: It’s not just us trusting our staff, but also our staff trusting that we believe in what they’re doing. CyberArk empowers us to treat our people like frontline soldiers in keeping FDM secure, and not our biggest risk,” stated Patrick, himself a military veteran.

FDM’s pervasive culture is characterized by trust, collaboration, and partnership. Patrick elaborated, “When we make a purchase decision for a critical infrastructure component, we don’t want to speak just once a year at renewal time. We’re a growing organization with a unique business model and we need a true partnership in order to support everything we’re doing. Our CyberArk team doesn’t just focus on CyberArk products but provides guidance in the context of our entire security stack. The after-sales support has been brilliant.”

Patrick concluded, “Lots of vendors have now moved into the privileged access space, but CyberArk continues to differentiate itself with the outstanding support it provides, the visibility and monitoring capabilities, and the ease of use. CyberArk Privilege Cloud is a fantastic asset and I would highly recommend the solution to anyone in the industry.”

Key benefits

  • Rapid implementation, minimized window of vulnerability
  • Cloud-based solution removes significant burden of maintaining physical servers
  • Protection and visibility across on-prem, Azure and AWS environments
  • Streamlined process for attaining and proving compliance

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