August 23, 2023

EP 34 – How to Catch a Malicious Insider w/ Eric O’Neill

Today’s episode of Trust Issues focuses on spycatching! Eric O’Neill, a former FBI counterintelligence operative and current national security strategist, joins host David Puner to discuss his legendary undercover mission to capture Robert Hanssen, one of the most notorious and damaging spies in U.S. history. O’Neill details his “cover job” of working beside Hanssen in the FBI’s new information assurance (cybersecurity) division, while secretly uncovering his espionage activities. O’Neill’s made-for-the-big-screen experiences emphasize the challenges posed by malicious insiders – some of the most difficult and expensive cybersecurity threats of our time. His gripping account draws intriguing parallels between spies and cyber criminals, shedding light on identity security’s significant role in thwarting insider espionage and defenders’ continuous push to outpace attacker innovation.