Conjur Cloud Secrets Manager

Modern SaaS secrets management for multi-cloud, CI/CD pipelines and portability with a uniform experience for security and developers no matter where their secrets are, enabling teams to build applications independent of infrastructure while securing their most sensitive secrets.​


Manage secrets as a service

Modern secrets management designed to automate and simplify nonhuman credential management across any cloud provider, container platform, CI/CD pipeline, DevOps tool and on-prem.​

For customers that prefer to host their own secrets management solution explore Conjur Enterprise​.

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Build cloud portable apps​

Same security and dev experience for any cloud or on premises application.​

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Manage access, not software

Feature rich UI, streamlined, rapid onboarding, and automatic updates let you focus on managing machine identities, not software.​

Accelerate Deployment

Leverage shared services

Unify your experience and secure your organization from a single pane of glass with CyberArk Identity Security Platform Shared Services.​

The highest score for Secrets Management use case in the 2023 Gartner® Critical Capabilities for PAM

Explore why CyberArk was ranked highest for the Secrets Management use case.

Secure credentials with confidence

Enforce secrets management for applications, scripts and other non-human identities.

  • Manage, rotate and monitor credentials used by apps
  • Provide developers with tools to simplify securing apps
  • Eliminate the pain of generating audit trails

Protect the enterprise. Secure application credentials.

Empower your applications – while keeping secrets out of attackers’ hands.

Comprehensive Secrets Management

Secure all credentials and secrets used by non-human users. Eliminate hard-coded credentials in applications. Rotate credentials based on policy.

Robust Authorization and Audit

Authenticate applications and containers using native application attributes and role-based access controls. Record key events with tamper-resistant audit.

Enterprise Scale and Availability

Meet stringent enterprise resiliency, scalability, and performance requirements with distributed, high-availability architecture.

Extensive Integrations Library

Accelerate deployment with validated integrations, including popular DevOps tools, CI/CD toolchains, automation tools, PaaS platforms and public cloud platforms.

Eliminate hard coded secrets

Applications can securely retrieve secrets in real-time for access to business resources.


Secure all your application secrets with conjur

Discover how Conjur can help enterprises secure secrets across DevOps and CI/CD tools such as Ansible, Cloudbees CI and Jenkins; container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes; RPA tools such as UiPath; and mainframes that run high-volume, mission-critical apps.

Identity security centered on
intelligent privilege controls
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CyberArk named a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Privileged Access Management – again.

Securing identities for cloud workloads and hybrid apps across the globe

CyberArk customers use CyberArk Secrets Manager and the Identity Security Platform to secure all their human and non-human identities.

Identity security that knows you but doesn’t slow you

Explore all the ways CyberArk gives you peace of mind to move fearlessly forward.


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Centrally manage all credentials

Safely automate processes while protecting the enterprise

Minimize the burden of audit and compliance

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