The Israel Postal Company Launches an Innovative Service Providing Every Citizen With a Virtual Safe for Their Mail

June 1, 2010

NEWTON, Mass. – June 1, 2010 – Cyber-Ark® Software, the leading provider for Governed File Transfer, today announced the deployment of the Inter-Business Vault®, part of its Governed File Transfer Suite, as the underlying security infrastructure for iPOST-the Israel Postal Company’s pioneering electronic mailbox. With the Inter-Business Vault, iPOST provides a secure and reliable online platform for the transfer and storage of electronic mail. In recognition of the increasing consumer demand for online communications, this new form of electronic mail provides a level of service and cost-efficiency that ensures the continued relevancy of the Israel Postal Company.

With iPOST, the Israel Postal Company has developed a cost-efficient service to provide organizations that deliver a high-volume of official statements and messages with a centralized solution that can be leveraged to extend their reach to existing customers through online mail. This new line of business will supplement or, in some cases, eventually replace the traditional physical mailbox. Since its launch, iPOST has already emerged as a significant new revenue generating opportunity for the Israel Postal Company. Fifty of Israel’s largest mailers have joined the service with the intention of reducing overhead costs and strengthening their brand through use of an environmentally-friendly, paperless distribution channel.

“We are incredibly pleased with the success and rapid adoption of the iPOST platform,” said Avi Hochman, CEO and president of the Israel Postal Company. “With the help of Cyber-Ark’s governed file transfer technology, the Israel Postal Company can maintain its role as the trusted infrastructure for delivering messages by adhering to the growing demand for online services that save time and money for all parties involved.”

iPOST has also emerged as an increasingly attractive option for consumers. The platform provides recipients with a secure, web-based repository for all bills, reports and online statements. iPOST also serves as an important data storage function, providing consumers with access to an archive of their mail for up to seven years, in addition to providing online payment service, reminders, alerts and reports. The service, free of charge to consumers, is expected to reach the majority of Israel’s households within the next three-to-five years.

Inter-Business Vault delivers the combined benefits of governed and managed file transfer capabilities in one centralized, automated solution. This solution plays a critical role in fostering secure, two-way data communication without interception from internal or external sources. Since its roll-out with iPOST, large corporations, government organizations and recipients have all responded enthusiastically to the safety and reliability of this new highly-secure digital mailbox.

“With the aid of Cyber-Ark’s Inter-Business Vault technology, iPOST now offers large mailers a secure way to transfer large volumes of customer data without the associated printing and delivery costs,” said Udi Mokady, CEO, Cyber-Ark Software. “Meanwhile, consumers now have access to an encrypted, paperless mailbox for the retrieval of bills, reports and official statements with assurances that their data is protected from unwanted intrusion from outside and internal sources.”

About the Israel Postal Company
The Israel Postal Company provides universal postal service to the general population, under the motto “From everyone, to everyone, everywhere, everyday, and at an equal price to all.” Every day 1,650 professional postal delivery personnel visit every household and business in the country and 2,000 service representatives provide a variety of about 100 innovative and online products and services though the largest branch network in Israel. The company has a team of professional salespeople who provide business and postal solutions to all sectors of the economy. The Israel Postal Company is proud of its involvement in the community and its participation in social projects.