CyberArk Unveils v10 – Simplicity, Automation, Risk Reduction

November 15, 2017 Roy Adar


The iPhone is not the only v10 to be released this year! As a product leader, I am not sure if splitting the release of the iPhone 8 from the release of the iPhone X was an example of Apple’s marketing genius or not, but as an Android user, I’ll observe the results from a safe distance. I will save my thoughts on the merits of the Android over the Apple for another day.

What I am very excited about, however, is the latest release of the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution.  Like Apple, we’ve achieved a milestone of sorts with a v10 of our own (and unlike Apple, we actually delivered a v9!). Nearly a 12-year veteran of CyberArk, I can honestly say this release is one of my proudest moments, right up there with the global recognition and debut of CyberArk on the NASDAQ in September of 2014 and the previous introduction of Threat Analytics capabilities. What really makes this release stand out for me is our unwavering focus on two big themes: simplicity and automation.

As the #1 market share leader in privileged account security, we push ourselves to always do better by our customers, and with this v10 release, we have delivered!  After spending countless hours engaging with and soliciting input from our customers and partners—not to mention organizing extensive usability and beta testing—we are unveiling a brand new, modernized user interface (UI) that is elegant, clean and simple. Here is a sample of what one of our customers, a senior consultant at a global financial services organization had to say:

 “The new user interface and account management features will dramatically facilitate adoption and ease-of administration, providing a better experience for our end users, and saving our IT staff valuable time by simplifying day to day management tasks.”

The new v10 UI offers a simplified view of account management that reduces time spent on common tasks for operation teams by 10x and the time it takes auditors to review sessions recordings has decreased by 5x. All of this means simpler and faster deployment, allowing operations and auditor teams to spend their time on value-add endeavors!

On the automation front, we’ve fully embraced that we now live in an API-first digital world.To that end, our new and improved REST APIs make it even easier to integrate CyberArk solutions with existing security, operations and DevOps tools. A good example of this is a new integration with AWS CloudWatch and Auto Scaling that automates onboarding to enable security teams to save time and reduce the risk of unmanaged SSH keys.

Along with our big focus on simplicity and automation, we continue to stay true to our corporate mission to reduce risk associated with privileged accounts wherever they exist, whether on-premises, in the cloud or in DevOps workflows. The AWS integration is great example of this since manually provisioning SSH keys just doesn’t work with modern, elastic scaling infrastructure.

On the endpoint, where many damaging attacks start, we have further enhanced our Endpoint Privilege Manager to deliver a new cloud-based Application Risk Analysis Service, which enables timely, well-informed privilege and application control policy decisions. We’ve also extended support to the Mac, a platform that is increasingly adopted in the enterprise.

Unlike the release of iPhone, you don’t have to set up a tent outside of a big glass store for the next big release from CyberArk. You can learn all about it here and sign up for our upcoming webinar covering all of the great details from this latest release. Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts that will provide additional details on what we’ve delivered, since there are a lot of great new capabilities in this release that I did not have the real estate to cover here.


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