Insider threat protection

Don’t compromise security or productivity. Grant access the second it’s needed and take it away the second it’s not.

Inside threats are all too common

Contractors. Disgruntled former employees. Your most-trusted team members. Even if they mean no harm, the people closest to your business can sometimes do the most damage.

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11.45 Million

The average cost of an insider breach.*

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77 Days

The average time it takes to identify insider threats.**

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90 Percent

Of data breaches are caused primarily by insider threats.

Insider threat security with least privilege

Limit risk by giving access to only your authorized users for only what they need.

Strong credential management

Store privileged credentials in a secure, central repository that supports strong access controls, multi-factor authentication, and full auditability. Change these credentials automatically on a regular basis.

Strong credential management

Session isolation, monitoring and recording

Enable secure access and sessions from a centralized privileged access control point to prevent malware on infected endpoints from spreading to critical systems, and automate session monitoring, recording and full audit.

Session isolation, monitoring and recording

Implement the principle of least privilege

Restrict user privileges based on role to limit intentional or accidental damage without compromising on productivity. Control applications to reduce the risk of users becoming exploited.

Implement the principle of least privilege

Detect anomalous activities

Monitor and analyze privileged user behavior and sessions to establish normal, allowed baseline to more easily identify anomalies that may indicate in-process attacks—and take action in real time.

Detect anomalous activities

Remote, VPN-less access

Safely permit external vendors to access critical internal resources for only the right amount of time through just in time provisioning, without the need for VPNs passwords or agents.

Just-in-Time Provisioning


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Mitigate risk from knowing or unknowing insider threats

Leverage real time threat analytics to increase protection

Proactively limit user privileges and control access

*SOURCE: The 2020 Cost of Insider Threats Global Report study from Ponemon Institute.