GDPR 10 minute webinar collection: “What, When and Why of GDPR”


Get Ready for GDPR and Address the Gaps with Privileged Account Security

Learn how to avoid financial penalties and liability associated with GDPR, and offer a stronger enterprise security posture by better protecting all your valuable corporate data.

GDPR PAS Advisory Part 1: Practical Steps in Protecting the Pathways to Personal Information

During this Getting Ready for GDPR advisory, will focus on how to protect personal data within the context of Privileged Account Management. The key is to tightly control your pathways to privileged access so unauthorized users and access are blocked on the spot, whether they are malicious or mistaken. /


GDPR Advisory Part 2: Responding to the 72-hour Notification of a Personal Breach

In this GDPR Advisory, we will be focusing on Article 33 which requires notification to a supervisory authority within 72-hours of a personal data breach / Time Timezone


GDPR Advisory Part 3: Conducting GDPR Security Risk Assessments with Red Teaming

GDPR Article 35 requires the controller to conduct a data protection impact assessment prior to the processing of personal data. This means that you need to know who has access to personal data and what privileges and possible vulnerabilities or risks of unauthorized access are at every stage of personal data processing. / Time Timezone


GDPR Advisory Part 4: Putting the Right Tools in Place to Demonstrate Compliance

In this webcast we will be highlighting the importance of having the right security solutions in place that audit who is accessing the personal data and what they’re doing with it. / Time Timezone





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