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The Gorilla Guide to Privileged Access Management

August 30, 2023

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is the protection of the strongest identities in your organization. PAM programs have long been a key component to securing the many identities utilized within any organization and is critical to any identity security strategy.

Identity security is a comprehensive framework for securing all an organization’s identities. Any colleague anywhere has the potential to access sensitive data, be they an employee, contractor, or vendor, regardless of if they work onsite or remotely. Identity security therefore ensures that each unique identity is secured with empathetic and intelligent controls that appropriately correspond to the level of risk that identity’s privileges entail.

Today’s privileged access management programs are paramount to securing identities and are more complex than ever, continually evolving in pace with the ever-changing technological landscape. 

Read this guide to better understand:

  • What is Privileged Access Management
  • Compliance & Auditing Risks
  • A Blueprint for Identity Security Success
  • PAM & the Zero Trust Model
  • JIT Privileged Access
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