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Ransomware Attacks: What Can We Learn From Them?

January 3, 2023

The CyberArk 2022 Identity Security Threat Landscape Report found that over 73% of organizations had been targeted by ransomware attacks in the past year. And attacks are only going to become more frequent as organizations go through their digital transformations and increase their cybersecurity debt.

This report summarizes findings from 1,750 global respondents comparing organizations targeted with ransomware attacks against those who were not. Highlights of the report include:
• The size of an organization doesn’t matter when it comes to a ransomware attack.
• Healthcare and media/entertainment sectors were more likely to suffer from ransomware attacks.
• Human and machine identities were given generous access to sensitive corporate data and assets, opening the door for identity-related attacks.

Read the eBook to learn more.

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