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CyberArk offers classroom and online courses throughout the year. The course options are detailed below.

Please note – It is a mandatory requirement to have successfully completed and passed a Privileged Account Security Fundamentals course before booking on any of our advanced courses. All registrations for classes are not confirmed until you receive confirmation from our training team.

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Course Descriptions

Privileged Account Security Fundamentals (4 days | agenda)
(Formally Privileged Account Security Implementation Essentials)
The Privileged Account Security Fundamentals course covers CyberArk’s Enterprise Password Vault (and Privileged Session Management solutions. CyberArk administrators or ‘Vault Admins’ gain extensive hands-on experience in configuring each Enterprise Password Vault /Privileged Session Management component, using our step-by-step exercise guide and dedicated lab environment.

Privileged Account Security Operations and Maintenance (2 days | agenda)
For customers who manage existing Privileged Account Security environments, the Operations and Maintenance course provides the participant with a technical introduction to the Privileged Account Security solution. This course includes discussions of the Privileged Account Security architecture, software concepts, and administration, on-boarding, monitoring, and troubleshooting. Please note that there is significant overlap between this course and the Privileged Account Security Implementation Essentials courses and it is not advisable to attend both.

Advanced Enterprise Password Vault (3 days | agenda)
The Advanced Enterprise Password Vault class builds upon the “Fundamentals” class. Students will:

  • Enhance their knowledge of Fault Tolerance by installing an HA vault and redundant CPM and PVWA components
  • Learn about HSM integration and changing vault keys
  • Review more advanced password management workflows including ticketing integrations, custom plug-ins, and managing service accounts
  • Learn advanced troubleshooting techniques, performance tuning, and other best practices

Advanced Privileged Session Management (2 days | agenda)
The Advanced Privileged Session Management course covers enterprise implementation methods and advanced components of the Privileged Session Management product suite. Topics include enterprise deployment, load balancing, Universal Connector and SSH Proxy.

Application Identity Manager (2 days | agenda)
In this course users will learn how to secure application account passwords and remove hard-coded credentials using CyberArk’s Application Identity Manager. Topics will include:

  • Password provider installation and configuration
  • Querying the vault using the SDK
  • Enterprise deployment
  • Application authentication
  • Application Server Credential Provider
  • Central Credential Provider


Sensitive Information Management Implementation Essentials (2 days | agenda)
CyberArk’s Sensitive Information Management Solution is a single-platform solution for all file sharing needs across the enterprise including user-to-user, automated server-to-server, or on-demand processes. The Sensitive Information Management Implementation Essentials course details CyberArk’s Sensitive Information Management solution and provides Sensitive Information Management administrators with extensive hands-on experience in configuring and deploying each Sensitive Information Management component.

Endpoint Privilege Manager Fundamentals (2 days)
In the Endpoint Privilege Manager Fundamentals course students will learn to apply Least Privilege principles with Endpoint Privilege Manager. Students will learn about the various deployment architectures of the Endpoint Privilege Manager product, learn how to deploy the Endpoint Privilege Manager Server and agent, learn about the Endpoint Privilege Manager GPO architecture, and will configure application control and privilege management policies using both Endpoint Privilege Manager Server and Endpoint Privilege Manager GPO.

Central Password Manager Plugin and Privilege Session Management Connector Development (4 days)
The Central Password Manager Plugin and PSM Connector course will provide the participants with the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to create Central Password Manager Plugins and Privilege Session Management Connectors in the Privileged Account Security Solution. The course will cover how to customize and create new Central Password Manager Terminal (SSH and Telnet) and Web based plugins that run using PM Terminal. The participants will also learn how to create Privilege Session Management Universal Connecters using the AutoIT platform.

Course Schedule (Americas)

Note: All classes begin at 9:00 AM in the timezone indicated.

AIMMay 23-24OnlineCDT (UTC-5)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS FundamentalsMay 23-26OnlineCDT (UTC-5)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS FundamentalsJune 5-8ChicagoCDT (UTC-5)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS FundamentalsJune 13-16OnlineCDT (UTC-5)Customers/PartnersOpen
Endpoint Privilege Manager FundamentalsJune 20-21OnlineCDT (UTC-5)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS Operations and Maintenance June 22-23OnlineCDT (UTC-5)CustomersOpen
PAS FundamentalsJune 27-30OnlineCDT (UTC-5)Customers/PartnersOpen
AIMJune 27-28OnlineCDT (UTC-5)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS FundamentalsJuly 18-21OnlineEDT (UTC-4)Customers/PartnersOpen
Advanced EPV & Advanced PSM BootcampJuly 18-21OnlineCDT (UTC-5)Customers/PartnersOpen
Endpoint Privilege Manager FundamentalsJuly 25-26OnlineCDT (UTC-5)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS FundamentalsJuly 25-28OnlinePDT (UTC-7)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS Operations and Maintenance August 1-2OnlineCDT (UTC-5)CustomersOpen
CPM Plugin & PSM Connector DevelopmentAugust 1-4Washington DCEDT (UTC-4)Customers/PartnersOpen
AIMAugust 8-9OnlineCDT (UTC-5)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS FundamentalsAugust 8-11OnlineCDT (UTC-5)Customers/PartnersOpen
Advanced EPV & Advanced PSM BootcampAugust 15-18OnlineMDT (UTC-6)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS FundamentalsAugust 22-25OnlinePDT (UTC-7)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS FundamentalsAugust 29 - September 1OnlineEDT (UTC-4)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS Operations and Maintenance September 5-6OnlineCDT (UTC-5)CustomersOpen
Endpoint Privilege Manager FundamentalsSeptember 5-6OnlineCDT (UTC-5)Customers/PartnersOpen
Advanced EPV & Advanced PSM BootcampSeptember 5-8OnlineCDT (UTC-5)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS FundamentalsSeptember 19-22OnlineEDT (UTC-4)Customers/PartnersOpen
AIMSeptember 26-27OnlineCDT (UTC-5)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS FundamentalsSeptember 26-29OnlineCDT (UTC-5)Customers/PartnersOpen

Course Schedule (EMEA)

Note: All classes begin at 9:00 AM in the timezone indicated.

PAS FundamentalsMay 22-25OnlineBST (GMT+1)Customers/PartnersClosed
PAS Fundamentals (In French)June 6 -9France BST (GMT+1)CustomersOpen
PAS Operations and MaintenanceJune 6-7OnlineBST (GMT+1)CustomersOpen
Advanced EPV & PSMJune 12-15LondonBST (GMT+1)Customers/PartnersOpen
CPM Plugin & PSM Connector DevelopmentJune 19-22OnlineBST (GMT+1)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS Operations and MaintenanceJune 27-28LondonBST (GMT+1)CustomersOpen
EPM FundamentalsJuly 11-12OnlineBST (GMT+1)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS FundamentalsJuly 24- 27OnlineBST (GMT+1)Customers/PartnersOpen
CPM Plugin & PSM Connector DevelopmentAug 7-10FrankfurtBST (GMT+1)Customers/PartnersOpen
EPM FundamentalsAug 15-16OnlineBST (GMT+1)Customers/PartnersOpen
Advanced EPV & PSM

August 21-24OnlineBST (GMT+1)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS Operations and MaintenanceSeptember 5-6OnlineBST (GMT+1)Customers/PartnersOpen
EPM FundamentalsSeptember 26-27OnlineBST (GMT+1)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS FundamentalsSeptember 26-29OnlineBST (GMT+1)Customers/PartnersOpen

Course Schedule (APJ)

Note: All classes begin at 9:00 AM in the timezone indicated.

Advance EPV & PSMJune 12-15SingaporeSGT (GMT +8)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS Operations & MaintenanceJune 19-20SingaporeSGT (GMT +8)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS FundamentalsSeptember 4-7SingaporeSGT (GMT +8)Customers/PartnersOpen
Advanced AIMSeptember 27-28OnlineSGT (GMT +8)Customers/PartnersOpen