RPA and bot automation

Automate privileged access to avoid manually rotating credentials for robotic process automation (RPA), bots and virtual agents.

Take less time to secure virtual agents

Eliminate deployment delays – run and scale RPA faster, and safer, when you centrally secure credentials. Simplify deployments with out-of-the-box integrations so you can address security issues before you even know you have them.

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92% of Respondents

Cite they’re planning to extend automation use cases.*

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Tier zero

RPA, bots and automation processes—whether unattended or attended— require high levels of privilege to do their jobs.

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<33% of Respondents

Say they’re very confident they can identify the number of privileged accounts and credentials used within applications and processes such as RPA.**

Securely accelerate RPA, bot and virtual agent adoption

RPA and bot automation deliver new levels of efficiency—but they also expose security risks.

Robots require privileged credentials

Attackers can gain control of robots and then access the systems the bot’s access by stealing unsecured RPA admin and bot credentials. Remove privileged credentials from automation scripts and local secrets stores to prevent bots, attended or unattended, from being easy targets. Plus ensure citizen developers only get the credentials they need.

Robots Require Privileged Credentials

RPA increases attack surface

Organizations gain immense efficiencies with thousands, or even a few, software robots. But they can increase the attack surface, so as a best practice only grant robots privileged access to the specific applications, they need to perform their tasks.

RPA Increases Attack Surface

RPA credentials must be managed

Why use RPA to automate processes and then manually assign, manage and update the credentials they need to perform their tasks? Centrally managing credentials across the enterprise’s RPA, bots and virtual agents increases efficiency, strengthens security and simplifies compliance.

RPA Credentials Must be Managed

Identity security fundamentals

Identity Security: Why it Matters and Why Now

Put Identity Security first without putting productivity second.


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Prevent bots from becoming easy targets

Decrease vulnerabilities while Improving operational efficiency

Strengthen security and simplify compliance

*SOURCE: https://www.cyberark.com/resources/blog/5-best-practices-for-robotic-process-automation-security

**SOURCE: CyberArk Global Advanced Threat Landscape 2019 Report