Critical Infrastructure – A High Value Target to Cyber Attackers

Organizations that provide critical infrastructure such as energy and water utilities, oil and gas companies, transportation authorities and others spend tremendous resources building defenses to secure their critical assets, assuring reliability, business continuity, and regulatory compliance. However, as industrial control system devices require increased network and internet connectivity, these exposed devices can put critical infrastructure at increased risk of severe, damaging attacks.

To mitigate these risks and address strict compliance requirements, critical infrastructure providers must proactively protect privileged accounts that enable user and application access within industrial control system environments, including SCADA and DCS environments. CyberArk’s Privileged Account Security Solution helps organizations secure, monitor and control the use of privileged accounts that provide access to the heart of the critical infrastructure, which the world relies on every second of every day. CyberArk’s solution offers end-to-end privileged account protection for industrial control systems including:

  • Discovery of all privileged accounts and trust relationships in Windows and Unix environments
  • Secure storage and automated rotation of privileged account credentials, including both passwords and SSH keys, used by users and applications
  • Removal of hard-coded passwords and locally stored SSH keys from scripts
  • Privileged session isolation, separating critical system from vulnerable user devices
  • Privileged session recording with live monitoring capabilities
  • Least privileges enforcement for super-users on critical systems
  • Real-time anomalous privileged account activity

CyberArk’s integrated solutions are delivered on single platform, managed behind a single pane of glass, and are proven scale in large, complex and diverse enterprise, OT and SCADA environments.

Key Benefits:

  • Identify privileged account risks by locating all privileged user and application accounts, credentials and trust relationships
  • Reduce the risk of unauthorized access to critical systems by securing and controlling access to privileged accounts
  • Strengthen application security by eliminating the use of hard-coded credentials
  • Enable secure remote access while preventing malware from spreading from user devices to critical systems
  • Address compliance requirements with complete audit trail of privileged account access and user activity
  • Prevent users from intentionally abusing or accidentally misusing elevated privileges
  • Dramatically shorten an attacker’s window of opportunity and reduce damage with accurate and prioritized real-time alerting of in-progress attacks