Bouygues Telecom Secures Critical Business Systems with CyberArk Solutions

September 11, 2013

One of the largest telecommunications service providers in France selects CyberArk to protect its privileged credentials and to ensure compliance

LONDON and PARIS – September 11, 2013 – CyberArk, the company securing the heart of the enterprise, today announced it has been selected by Bouygues Telecom – one of the largest communications service providers in France – to protect the company’s critical assets and customer data through the management of its privileged credentials.

The implementation of CyberArk’s Privileged Identity Management (PIM) and Privileged Session Management (PSM) suites have replaced two pre-existing custom-built systems – including a repository in which internal privileged passwords were previously stored.  As the pre-existing systems were becoming outdated and would have been extremely costly and time-consuming to overhaul, Bouygues Telecom looked to vendor solutions in early 2012, in a bid to better secure and manage the 10,000 privileged accounts existing in the company’s network.

“Due to the nature of our business, there is a strong security culture within our company.  We are very aware of our responsibility to our customers and take data protection very seriously indeed,” said Jean-Pierre Blanc, security manager at Bouygues Telecom.  “We felt that CyberArk provided the most comprehensive solution on the market to meet the constantly evolving set of industry regulations.”

CyberArk’s PIM suite allows Bouygues Telecom to manage and secure database passwords and enforces an enterprise-wide policy that protects the company’s most critical systems, automatically managing the entire lifecycle of shared and privileged accounts across data centers.  With CyberArk’s PSM Suite in place, Bouygues Telecom is also now able to isolate business-critical systems from potential malware attacks and continuously monitor critical servers, databases, web applications and virtual environments.  This is particularly important for Bouygues Telecom as the company’s long term aim is to move to an increasingly virtualized corporate environment.  The security and management of privileged accounts is essential in this environment as the adoption of virtualized technology increases the risk of attack.

Most recently, Bouygues Telecom has further extended its implementation with CyberArk, with the roll-out of the Application Identity Manager (AIM) solution – part of the PIM Suite – which delivers secure, flexible and robust authentication, while simplifying large-scale projects for eliminating hard-coded passwords and visible credentials from applications and scripts.  The solution meets high-end enterprise requirements for availability and business continuity for the most critical business applications and is also easily scalable over multiple platforms and sites – something which was particularly important for Bouygues Telecom given the nature of its business.

“Deploying solutions that would help to future-proof our business was an important consideration in our initial search for a solution.  With CyberArk, we are confident that we have implemented technology that will work with us as our business grows and develops,” continued Mr. Blanc.  “The scalability of CyberArk’s solutions has been impressive.  As a company, we were keen to work with a technology provider that could meet our evolving needs and due to the sheer scalability of its solutions, we’re confident that CyberArk will allow us to do this.”

“A leader in its field, Bouygues Telecom is a responsible company that puts its customers at the forefront of the business – both in terms of its strong security culture and with regards to its excellent service record,” said John Worrall, CMO of CyberArk. He added, “CyberArk is proud to be supporting Bouygues Telecom in its future endeavor to move to a more virtualized corporate environment.  With the inbuilt scalability of our solutions, CyberArk will support the business as it grows, whilst ensuring that the evolving set of compliance requirements are routinely met – improving security and simplifying the auditing process.”

For more information, please refer to the Bouygues Telecom case study.

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