Cyber-Ark’s Privileged Identity Management Suite Now Available on GSA Schedule and Canadian NMSO

April 14, 2009

Newton, MA – 14th April 2009 – Cyber-Ark Software, the leading global software provider for protecting critical applications, identities and information, today launched a formal government initiative with two major milestones for effectively servicing governmental markets – the approved listing of all products in both the US Government Services Administration (GSA) Schedule and availability on the Canadian National Master Standing Offer (NMSO). Cyber-Ark announced its official entry into the public sector based on increased demand for proven software that meets the specific security needs of the government market.

Sponsored by government distribution partner, DLT Solutions, Inc. (, the GSA Listing (DLT GS-35F-4543G) includes Cyber-Ark’s award-winning Privileged Identity Management Suite v5.0 and Managed File Transfer solutions.

In Canada, the Cyber-Ark solutions are being made available on NMSO and were sponsored by reseller Conexsys ( An NMSO is a “standing offer from a potential supplier to provide goods and/or services at pre-arranged prices, under set terms and conditions, when and if required.”

“These listings are indicative of the increased activity we see in key federal, state, provincial and local government markets and Cyber-Ark’s commitment to growing this side of our business,” said Richard Weeks, vice president of channel and business development for Cyber-Ark Software. “Working in conjunction with our highly respected channel partners, DLT Solutions and Conexsys, we have accomplished the first phase of our strategy to increase visibility and availability for government acquisition of our products.”

Cyber-Ark’s recently announced Privileged Identity Management Suite v5.0 is the industry’s most comprehensive solution for securing, managing and monitoring all activities associated with powerful privileged accounts, including both administrative and application identities. Cyber-Ark is the only vendor to offer a full lifecycle solution to secure, manage, log and monitor all privileged accounts – including the sensitive application identities embedded within applications and scripts, and administrative passwords found in routers, servers, databases and workstations.

“The need for privileged account management solutions in the government sector is great. The risk to the public of the misuse of administrator accounts and the abuse of associated privileges is avoidable with the proper solutions,” said Russ Holmes, vice president of enterprise applications at DLT Solutions. “Distributing Cyber-Ark’s Privileged Identity Management Suite allows DLT to provide the government with those solutions for controlling, auditing and automating shared administrative access across the entire enterprise, which mitigates the risk to constituents.”

“Conexsys has worked closely with various Government of Canada (GOC) departments to improve their security posture. The availability of Cyber-Ark via NMSO will simplify the process for Canadian governmental customers to acquire important privileged identity management and managed file transfer technology,” said Michael Yassin, vice president of business development for Conexsys. “Conexsys is committed to delivering leading edge security technology and services to our government clients.”