CyberArk Webinar to Highlight CyberSheath Research Connecting Privileged Account Exploitation to Advanced Cyber Attacks

May 23, 2013

Eric Noonan, CEO of CyberSheath, to Discuss How Companies Can Reduce APT Exposure by Protecting Privileged Accounts

NEWTON, Mass. – May 23, 2013 – CyberArk today announced details of its upcoming webinar, “Connecting Privileged Account Exploitation to Advanced Cyber Attacks.” The webinar will feature Eric Noonan, CEO of CyberSheath, presenting the findings of the firm’s new research report, “APT Privileged Account Exploitation.” The webinar will demonstrate how privileged accountsare increasingly being used in advanced attacks and present best practices for minimizing APT vulnerabilities.


Eric Noonan, CEO, CyberSheath

Barak Feldman, CyberArk


CyberSheath’s “APT Privileged Account Exploitation” report compiled interviews with leading CISOs and security professionals, combined with the analysis of several high-profile cyber attacks and related industry research from the past year to detail how privileged accounts are increasingly being used in advanced and targeted attacks to compromise organizations. The report highlights that privileged accounts have been exploited in 100 percent of all advanced attacks and that properly secured privileged accounts can significantly reduce APT exposure. In this webinar, Noonan and Feldman will demonstrate how attackers are exploiting these known weaknesses to compromise organizations and steal data, while sharing best practices for minimizing the threat of the next targeted attack.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013, 2:00 – 2:45 p.m. ET


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